9 Charming Curly Dog ​​Breeds

#7 Russian black terrier

This is a real service dog, created in order to save, seek and help people. It was bred by Soviet dog handlers, considered their pride. Nowadays it is more of a companion dog, but they can calmly repulse ill-wishers, always protect the family in which they live.

#8 Scotch terrier

The scotch terrier has a hard and long coat. By nature, these dogs are a little stubborn, adoring arguments and small skirmishes with other dogs. But despite this, scotch terriers are very positive and energetic. Independent and do not allow themselves to make a living toy. Very smart and will never get confused under the feet of the owner, interfering with him.

#9 Airedale terrier

A real hunter and athlete, loves to play and do something. He does not like loneliness, left alone, he is able to entertain himself with the help of various pranks. He has a developed sense of ownership: no one should encroach on his toys and things. With proper upbringing, excellent watchmen and guards are obtained from them.

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