Animals as Zodiac Signs – What is yours?

Our planet is a cosmic marvel; it hosts a plethora of species and genomes that cannot be found anywhere else in our solar system. 

Although the notoriously cunning and intelligent mammals are humans, it is well known that other animals exhibit signs of high intelligence and coherent behavior. 

Even though Astrology is mainly a human concept and invention, ancient shamans have “connected the dots” with the stars in the heavens a long time ago, and thus made important symbolic connections between Zodiac signs and animals

This article is an exploration of the animals that can be symbols for each of the 12 Zodiac signs. 

Zodiac Sign

Wolf – Aries 

Alpha male in a pack is an excellent symbol for the cosmic Ram. Wolves operate and live in packs, they’re social animals, however, they have a very explosive temper and their survival depends on a steady hierarchy within the pack. Aries natives are natural-born leaders, but in order to thrive they need structure, clear rules and flock to lead. 

Wild Boar – Taurus 

Wild boars are fearless creatures that are very hard to kill. They represent a hunting challenge to both predators and humans. These beasts represent control, fighting spirit, abundance, courage, stubbornness and power – the very same qualities that endorse Taurus sign. 

Fox – Gemini 

Foxes are considered to be a crossbreed between a canine and a feline. They are insanely clever, cunning, witty and vocal. Foxes are depicted as both a good and a malicious omen in various folklores. They are mischievous and playful, and they definitely know their way around this planet. All of these are the trademark characteristics of witty and fast-thinking Geminis. 

Orca – Cancer 

Killer Whale is one of the most ruthless predators of the oceans. Unlike the great white (shark), Orca hunts for sport; let that sink in. Killer Whale symbolizes family, predation, protectiveness of their own, travel, community, romance and finding one’s way. It’s no wonder they are connected with fluffy-looking Cancers – they just seem innocent and mild, but the true beast lies within. 

Lioness – Leo 

Although the lion is the “face” of the Leo sign, this constellation embodies the lioness’ characteristics. Loyalty, ferociousness, protectiveness, multitasking, sacrifice for pride (both inner and pride of lions), hunting for the family and being the legs to the table (Alpha lion who leads the pride). Anyone who knows a woman Leo can attest to these attributes that they embody with utmost grace and strength. 

Orangutan – Virgo 

Orangutan is called the “forest human”. This creature stands for logical reasoning, persistence, ingenuity, patience and forethought. Their nature is one of the calmest amongst the great apes, and they show the most empathy. Their method of movement (using their palms instead of their knuckles) keeps them in touch with the Earth Element, thus providing grounding and mental balance. It’s very clear why they represent the most intellectual, yet grounded sign of the Zodiac

Bird of Paradise – Libra 

Birds of Paradise are not just majestic to look at and observe, but they are also the most dedicated lovers and partners. Bird of paradise symbolizes living art; the art of seduction, neatness, respect for finer things in life, romance and dedication. All adjectives that are used to describe the celestial sign of Libra. 

Crocodile – Scorpio 

Crocodile stands for primordial wisdom, stealth, efficiency, transmutation, spiritual cleansing and healing. They are the animals that walk in both worlds – on land and in water. This is why they are heavily connected with the most transformational Zodiac sign – Scorpio. Crocodiles are powerful predators who lurk in the shadows and murky waters, none can escape their jaws once they lock them in. 

Mustang – Sagittarius 

Mustang is a symbol of heroism, freedom, limitless possibilities, romance and wilderness. It’s no wonder that Mustang aligns perfectly with the constellation of Sagittarius, these firecrackers of the Zodiac, always ready for action and insatiable thirst for knowledge through roaming. The eternal vagabonds and seekers who sometimes can form very close bonds with humans and develop a loyal friendship. 

Owl – Capricorn 

The owl is considered to be the soul of the tree in which it resides. She is a wise, all-knowing, all-seeing, container of both legacy and tradition, and a vision for the best course to be made in the future. Owl is a symbol of longevity and resistance against the merciless passing of time, just like a Capricorn. 

Eagle – Aquarius 

Eagle is known as the Lord of the Sky in the animal kingdom. He represents wisdom, immortality, bravery, freedom of thought, vision and movement. He soars through the skies and with his sharp eyes sees all below him. Just like Aquarius, he is the herald of the new age, with swift and sudden changes and strength to endure it all in one go. 

Dolphin – Pisces 

Dolphins are a good omen and they symbolize the change of tides for the positive. They are also known to save drowning sailors and surfers. These majestic mammals are also known for their high IQ, empathetic nature and vast telepathic abilities – just like Pisces. Dolphins are associated with both water and air elements which is a perfect depiction of Neptune – Pisces’ ruling planet, that also symbolizes oceans. 

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