14 Best Dog Breeds for Farms & Why They’re Perfect Companions!

No matter the size of your farm, one thing is for certain: having a loyal and hard-working canine companion around to help out can make all the difference!

But which breed should you choose? From herding livestock to protecting from predators, there are many breeds that are ideally suited for life on the farm.

Let’s take a look at some of the best dog breeds for farms.

What Are The Uses of Farm Dogs?

Farm dogs are an invaluable asset to farmers and anyone that works in the agricultural industry. Here are five of the uses of farm dogs:

1. Herding Livestock

Farm dogs are specifically trained for herding cattle and other animals on farms. They use a variety of methods such as barking, running alongside, or even nipping at them to move the animals where they need to go.

This is incredibly useful for any kind of large farming operation where managing herds can be difficult without this type of assistance.

2. Protecting Livestock

Farm dogs are also trained to be on the lookout for predators and other threats. They can help chase away coyotes, foxes, or even birds of prey that may be trying to feast upon a flock.

In certain cases, they may even alert their owners if an animal has escaped from its enclosure or pen.

3. Hunting and Vermin Control

Farm dogs are often used to help their owners hunt other animals, such as rabbits or geese. They can also help locate and flush out vermin that may be causing damage to farm crops or buildings.

Dog Breeds for Vermin Control

Some farm dogs are specifically bred to be better at vermin control than others. Here we will look at three of these breeds in detail:

The Miniature Pinscher:

This small breed that makes an excellent farm dog, especially for vermin control. This loyal and brave canine companion has a lot of energy which they use to help them find even the most hidden pests.

They are also very good at alerting their owners when they have found something with their sharp sense of hearing and acute smell.

The Jack Russell Terrier:

Another small breed that is known for its intelligence and courage. These dogs can quickly learn from their owners how to locate and catch pesky critters like mice or rats around the farm.

The Rat Terrier:

A small breed of dog that is used specifically for vermin control. These dogs are incredibly hardworking and have an innate ability to sniff out any kind of rodent hiding in the fields or buildings.

Dog Breeds for Protection

Each of these breeds has unique characteristics, and all can make wonderful guard dogs:

Great Pyrenees:

This majestic white-coated canine has served as a guard and companion for centuries. With a calm demeanor often mistaken for laziness, this breed is a powerful protector with an uncanny ability to sense danger.

The Dalmatian:

The breed is well-built and muscular. They are highly alert and energetic, making them excellent guard dogs that love to be around their people.

The Bernese Mountain Dog:

It is a large working breed with a thick double coat. It is an even-tempered companion that loves its family but can become quite protective when it feels they are threatened.


This is one of the most distinctive-looking breeds you’ll ever see, thanks to its long white cords of fur that resemble dreadlocks.

It is a large, powerful, and protective guard dog. The breed has an independent spirit that makes it an excellent guardian of its home and family.

Dog Breeds for Herding

Herding dogs help humans with tasks like rounding up livestock or guarding property.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi:

This breed is much smaller and more low-key than the Border Collie, but its herding instincts are just as strong.

This breed is known for its playful spirit, and it has a natural affinity for working with livestock.

While they may not be able to keep up with larger dogs when it comes to speed, their intelligence makes them great at understanding commands.

The Australian Cattle Dog:

This muscular dog was bred specifically for handling cattle on large farms, and its herding ability is second to none.

With its strong jaws and powerful build, this breed can easily move stubborn cows or sheep in the right direction.

The Border Collie:

An iconic herding dog thanks to its incredible skill set. This energetic breed is incredibly intelligent and athletic, capable of running for miles while staying focused on its task.

The breed is highly trainable when it comes to commands as well as complex tasks such as agility courses and sheepdog trials.

The Old English Sheepdog:

This is an incredibly loyal breed with a signature shaggy coat and a cheerful personality. Despite its size, this breed is surprisingly agile and can easily keep up with small livestock.

The Old English Sheepdog has an instinctive herding ability that makes it well-suited for farm or ranch work, but it also excels in obedience training and agility competitions.

Working Dogs for Farms

Some farm dogs naturally excel at multiple tasks, making them ideal for the hardworking farmer or rancher.

The German Shepherd:

This is an intelligent working dog that is known for its loyalty and protection instincts.

They can learn quickly and respond well to training, making them excellent guard dogs and herding animals on farms with livestock or poultry.

The Rottweiler:

This strong and muscular breed is highly intelligent and known for its loyalty and protection instincts. They have an easy-going temperament and great herding skills, making them excellent farm dogs.

Belgian Malinois:

This is a very active and alert breed that makes an ideal working farm dog. They are friendly but fearless when it comes to protecting people or property, so they make great guard dogs on farms or ranches too.

Belgian Malinois are highly adaptable and thrive when given lots of physical activity, which makes them great at performing multiple tasks around the farm.


It’s clear that all farm owners can benefit from owning a loyal and hardworking breed of dog.

Whether it’s the trusty Border Collie, the strong Great Pyrenees, or the dependable Australian Shepherd, each dog has its own unique qualities that make them an ideal companion for farm life.

So if you’re looking to add a furry friend to your farm family, consider one of these amazing breeds! Happy farming!

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