An Incredible Story Of A Blind Dog With His Guide Puppy

This is an incredible and touching story about a dog named “Tao” who lost both of his eyes due to glaucoma. His parents take this responsibility by finding a new friend for Tao to guide him. 

Oko is Tao’s new friend that guides him, so Tao doesn’t get his way in any dangerous situation.

Oko has been trained to be a service dog. even it wasn’t easy and took a long time, but Oko successfully to be the best partner for Tao. And now, he’s not only as Tao’s guide but also his best friend, and even Oko means everything for Tao

You can see how inspiring their story was, and it teaches us how we shouldn’t give up on any situation for our beloved dog. Even if we faced the hardest time with the dog, just believe that there would be a solution when we never give up, and it would be a great story to tell

#1 Oko and Tao spending their time together

Even inside the house, Oko will keep Tao and guide him so won't mess up anything and keep him safe

#2 Oko takes Tao to play around

Though Tao is blind, it doesn't mean that he's not enjoying playing around. Oko will take him to play

#3 Oko Guides Tao so he won’t get any trouble

This is how Oko takes Tao for a walk to keep him healthy

#4 Here they are.. The cute Golden Retrievers

Even if Oko has a smaller body than Tao, but he still can help him and guide him to feel the fresh air

#5 Playing and smiling together like a truly brother

Just like a soul in 2 bodies, Oko really care for Tao and will be there whenever he needs help

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