The Best Way To Calculate Dog Years Into Human Years

Best Way To Calculate Your Dog Years

Dogs have been the best human companion from ancient times due to their intelligence and loyalty towards their owner. And just like humans, dogs have their average lifespan and are prone to any kind of disease as they age.

That’s why dog’s parent wonder what kind of training and food that is perfect for their beloved dogs that’s suitable as they age and keep them healthy. 

Long years ago, people believed that one dog year is equal to seven human years. But, this belief is not supported by science. It’s only based on the average lifespan where dogs mostly live for 10 years while humans live for 70 years. 

But now, researchers have a better formula to calculate dog years to human years based on DNA. 


The work is only by simply taking the DNA to track the diseases, lifestyle and genetics then convert it to the prediction of life expectancy. 

With this formula, we can calculate dog years no matters what kind of breeds they are. And it’s not only working on dogs but also has been experienced on mice, chimpanzees, wolves, etc.

Are there any other methods to calculate dog years to human years?

People have developed many kinds of methods to calculate dog years by statistics or charts and also by taking it into groups based on their breeds, large or by simple calculation. 


Even so, almost every method to use it’s not 100% accurate. That’s because the genetics shows that puppies or younger dogs age faster than the old ones.

What is the goal of knowing dog years?


Evidently, people have been calculating dog years to human years for centuries, and the fact that dog’s clock ticks much faster than human’s clock.

By knowing dog years, hopefully, we can find out why some dogs develop and prone to some diseases at their ages, and how we should prepare to prevent it by giving them suitable exercises and foods.


How to calculate the new formula to calculate dog years? 

Researchers work on DNA methylation and see whether the DNA is modified over the years by poor lifestyle, diseases, or any environmental factors which allows them to estimate someone’s age. This process is also known as epigenetic clock. 

Is calculating based on the breeds not valid? 

Though small dog breeds might have a longer lifespan than the large one, but it’s not based on any scientific theory. And people are still wondering the valid formula to calculate dog years. 

Is the epigenetic clock works and valid? 

Dogs are mostly living in the same environment as humans, and after looking at methylation rates on 104 dogs, it turns out the dogs’ life follows the same pattern as humans, though other milestones don’t link up quite as nicely. 

How can I find and buy an epigenetic clock? 

Since this formula has been recently developed by scientists in 2019, you can’t get the tools easily due to researchers developing this formula in the lab.

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