Perfect Adventure Buddies: 12 Cat Breeds For Outdoors:

Are you looking for a loyal and loving companion that can also handle the great outdoors? Look no further than one of the many breeds of cats made to thrive in the wild!

From Maine Coons to Siberian Forest cats, there is an outdoor-loving cat breed for everyone’s tastes.

With their natural curiosity and agility, these fur babies make for perfect adventure partners – so consider opening your home to some of these furry friends.

Ready to learn more? Let’s explore some of the top cat breeds for outdoor living!

12 Cat Breeds For Outdoors

Do you love cats but also have a hankering for the great outdoors? If so, there are certain cat breeds that will be right at home in your outdoor-loving lifestyle.

Here are 12 cat breeds that make perfect outdoor companions and why they’re well-suited to life outside.

1. Maine Coon:

The Maine Coon is a large breed of cat known for their intelligence, playfulness, and mischievous personality.

These cats are generally independent, well-suited to roaming and exploring the outdoors safely.

They are also known for being able to adapt to various climates—perfect for taking your outdoor adventures with you.

2. Ragdoll:

The Ragdoll may not look like an outdoor cat at first glance, but don’t let their calm demeanor fool you.

They can actually hold their own when it comes to exploring the great outdoors. Strong-willed and independent by nature, these cats will be more than happy to go off in search of adventure every now and then.

3. Siberian:

The Siberian is an ancient cat breed that is incredibly hardy. They can thrive in almost any environment and have the thick fur coat necessary to make it through cold weather comfortably.

Siberians also come loaded with energy and love having wide spaces available for them to explore — making them ideal outdoor companions!

4. Turkish Van:

One of the most active breeds of cats, the Turkish Van is a great choice for those who love the outdoors and like to be active.

They are known for their water-loving nature and playful personality, which makes them perfect for taking out on your next camping trip!

5. Abyssinian:

An active breed with an abundance of energy, Abyssinians can keep up with you when exploring the great outdoors.

They are also known for being intelligent and independent, making them more than capable of keeping themselves occupied in nature while you take care of your own activities.

6. British Shorthair:

With their thick grey fur coats and calm personalities, British Shorthairs are perfect for outdoor life.

They love to explore nature at a leisurely pace, but also possess hunting skills that will come in handy while out and about.

7. Norwegian Forest Cat:

Like other breeds of cat originating from cold climates, the Norwegian Forest Cat is very much suited to living outdoors.

Their double-layered fur coat is able to keep them warm even in extreme cold temperatures, making them an ideal outdoor companion no matter where you go!

8. American Shorthair:

The American Shorthair is one of the most popular shorthair cat breeds in the United States, due in part to its excellent hunting skills.

These cats have a strong prey drive and love to explore outdoors—making it easy for them to be taken along on outdoor adventures.

9. Savannah cat:

Savannah cats are a hybrid of the wild Serval and domestic cat breeds. These cats have a lot of energy and love to explore, making them perfect for outdoor activities. They resemble a leopard due to their unique fur coat.

They can also be trained to walk on a harness or leash, giving you the opportunity to take your outdoor adventures together to new heights!

10. Himalayan:

A breed known for their sweet nature and loving personalities, Himalayans are perfect for those who love to spend time outdoors.

They can handle colder temperatures better than other breeds and enjoy spending a good portion of their day exploring nature.

11. Manx:

The Manx cat has an affinity for the outdoors that few other breeds can match! They have strong hunting skills and sharp senses which helps them keep an eye out for any potential dangers.

Manx cats are also known for their independent and inquisitive nature, giving you the freedom to explore without having to worry about your furry friend. They are a loyal cat breed so they love hanging out with their owners at all times.

12. Bengal:

Bengals were originally bred from Asian Leopard Cats to create a breed with an exotic wildcat look that loves to roam the outdoors.

With their high energy levels and natural curiosity, Bengals are well suited for outdoor activities and exploration.


So if you’re looking for a feline companion that loves the outdoors just as much as you do, one of these cat breeds would be an ideal match!

With their hearty coats, sharp senses, and adventurous spirit, they are sure to make great outdoor partners. So go ahead and get out there—your outdoor-loving kitty is waiting!

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