This Cat From Turkey Has Four Ears & Trends On Social Media!

Midas, the cat from Turkey, takes the internet by storm showing two sets of ears and a defective jaw due to a genetic mutation. 

This Cat From Turkey Has Four Ears & Trends On Social Media

Introducing the cat with four ears

Although Midas’ appearance is unusual, her veterinarian Resat Nuri Aslan assures her excellent health and hearing.

The Turkish cat has become an internet sensation with over 118,000 followers on Instagram to this date.

The adorable kitten was found in a backyard in Ankara alongside five siblings and subsequently adopted by Canis Dosemeci and her family.

They claimed they instantly fell in love with Midas and wanted to adopt her, concerned that her chances of adoption would be reduced due to her unusual situation.

Life of Midas

Midas also loves to spend time with her two Labrador siblings Zeyno, 14, and Suzy, 12.

The cat name, ‘Midas’, originally comes from the mythological king of Phrygia, who was saddled with donkey ears but could turn everything he touched into gold.

The Russian Blue cat had a genetic mutation that caused her to sprout an extra pair of ears. 

According to reports, the deformity has been linked to a recessive gene inheritance passed down by her parents.

But Midas’ four ears aren’t the unique features on her body. 

Midas with a heart-shaped birthmark
(Source: Instagram – midas_x24)

The cat also has a lovely white heart-shaped birthmark on its tummy.

As Midas is as perfectly healthy despite the deformation, her earflaps are connected to the ear canal.

Another four-eared cat in Pennslyvania!

The story continues with an adorable rescue cat born with four ears and was finally adopted by a Pennsylvania woman. 

The owner says that Aslan, a one-year-old domestic shorthair mix, has an extra pair of ears on his head, which sit just behind his first pair.

Another four-eared cat in Pennslyvania
(Source: Instagram – aslanthe4earedcat)

Swati Komanduri, 41, a financial analyst who adopted Aslan as part of an animal rescue group’s effort to find homes for cats and their litters, became his new owner.

The adorable kitten has a lot of fun running around and playing with Angel, his cat cousin, and Kingston, his dog sibling.

Study on cats with four ears

According to a 1957 study in the Journal of Heredity, the four-eared gene is rare and recessive.

Two cats with the recessive gene but do not exhibit it can only have a 50% chance of breeding offspring with four ears.

Introducing the cat with four ears
(Source: Instagram – midas_x24)

Cats with four ears! They’re a thing, and they exist. And not all of them had two-ear parents!

It turns out that most of these extra-eared cats were born from single-eared mothers (and fathers) who passed on their genetic mutation for having an extra set of ears. 

So if your cat has two sets of ears, chances are good she was just lucky enough to be born into a family where both her mother and father shared the same gene mutation as well as its corresponding characteristic traits.

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