Why do cats lick you then bite you – Here are the reasons why!


A cat has a wide range of actions, and if you pay attention, you’ll notice that each movement has many hidden meanings that expert owners have yet to comprehend.

Some cat owners are accustomed to their cats lapping and biting them, while others are not. Many people would be disturbed by this behavior and seek an explanation for it.

If you have a cat that licks and bites you, understand why your feline might do this.

The reason why your cat licks you

Licking as a Form of Communication

Cats communicate through body language, such as facial expressions and tail position. Cats use their tongues to express different emotions.

For example, when cats groom each other they are showing affection to one another.

This is also the reason why your cat licks you, to show affection.

However, sometimes cats lick objects other than their owners or each other. This can be a way of them marking what belongs to them.

Cats sometimes also lick you as a way of fighting back if they are trying to run away from an uncomfortable situation.

While it is true that cats lick to clean themselves, it is also common for them to taste things as a way of checking whether they are edible.

In addition, licking can be a sign that your cat loves you or is too dependent on you.

Some cats lick their owners a lot because they do not have another feline around with which to groom and play.

They try to groom you as a way of keeping some part of their day occupied.

When they are feeling lonely, cats might also begin to suck on things like your hair or clothing.

When your cat licks you it is an expression of love and affection, but it can be uncomfortable if done too often or in the wrong place.

For example, if your cat licks you on your face, it might be another way of marking you. Make sure to pet your cat after she has finished licking you so that the two of you can form a bond.

The reason why cats lick and bite after they wake up

Many cats display what breeders call “kneading behavior” when they wake up.

This is the act of suckling on your fingers or toes with their paws while kneading you with their claws.

The behavior might seem strange, but it is actually a normal cat trait that occurs when cats are young and nursing from their mothers.

When kittens are too young to eat solid food, they use their paws to “milk” their mother.

This is necessary for cats because they need to be fed a steady diet of milk during this period before their digestive systems are fully developed.

The reason why your cat licks and bites you after she wakes up is due to the fact that it reminds her of suckling on her mother’s teat, and she does it subconsciously.

The reason why your cat licks and bites at night


Many cats like to lick and bite each other as a way of caring for their friends.

Owners who notice this behavior might assume that the feline they own is over-aggressive, however, he is actually trying to groom you or show affection.

The licking might help the other cat relax and enjoy your attention.

When cats lick each other, it is also a way of maintaining their social hierarchy. This means that if one feline licks another, it is usually inferior to the cat who is doing the grooming.

Cats will lick each other to show affection, but they might bite if one tries to groom a superior feline as a way of expressing dominance.

In addition, cats lick and bite at night so that they can awaken you.

The reason is not clear, but it might be a way of helping you to bond.

If your cat wakes you up with licking or biting behavior, make sure to pet her after she has finished grooming you so that she does not get the wrong idea.

The reason why your cat licks and bites you at other times

If you notice that your cat is licking and biting you during the day, there could be an underlying health problem.

This behavior can sometimes occur when cats feel sick or are in pain.

If the cat seems upset or anxious, she might also begin to groom you as a way of trying to alleviate her stress.

In this case, the cat needs medical attention as soon as possible.

Make sure to take your feline pet to the veterinarian if she licks and bites at any other time than when she is waking you up or showing affection.

Eventually, these behaviors will become too much to handle, and you might have to find another home for your cat if the problem worsens.

Although this behavior might seem strange, it is actually a way of allowing cats to express themselves.

By making sure that your feline friend has enough affection, she will feel more comfortable around you by giving them a pet cat names and calling by it’s name, let her guard down, and allow you to care for her.


The reason why cats lick and bite after they wake up is that it reminds them of suckling on their mother’s teat while she was a kitten.

The reason why your cat licks and bites at night are because he wants you to bond with him or show affection.

Lastly, if your cat licks and bites during the day, this might mean that there is some underlying medical problem or that the cat is anxious or upset for some reason.

If your cat licks and bites at other times, bring her to the veterinarian as soon as possible because this behavior could become too much of a hassle in the future.

There is also a chance when your cats purr then bite you.

By understanding why cats do what they do and coming up with creative ways to prevent this behavior, owners can enjoy their loving pets without frustration.

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