5 Easy DIY Catnip Toys Your Cats Will Love!

diy catnip toys

Looking for a new way to show your feline friend some extra love? DIY catnip toys are just the thing!

Not only are they fun and easy to make, but cats absolutely adore them.

Whether you sew, knit, or simply want to find an easy no-sew project that’s sure to bring a smile (or maybe an excited meow) to your kitty’s face, these toys have got it all.

So gather up some supplies and get ready to craft something special for your furry bestie.

What is Catnip?

Catnip, scientifically known as Nepeta cataria, is a plant in the mint family that has been used for centuries to entice cats. It contains an oil called nepetalactone which is what triggers cats’ reaction to it.

Cats love the smell of this oil and when they get close to it, their behavior can change dramatically – rolling around on the ground, drooling, purring, meowing and more!

So how does putting catnip into toys help cats? Well, it’s simple: because cats love catnip so much, adding it to their toys encourages them to play.

The presence of this stimulation makes playing with these toys even more enjoyable for your feline friends.

5 Easy-To-Make DIY Catnip Toys

Time to get crafty with these cute toys that you can make at home easily! Let’s get started!

1. No Sew Sock Toy


Making this homemade cat toy is a breeze and won’t break the bank. All you need are knee-length socks, dried catnip, fiberfill, scissors, a cord, and strong, clear glue.

Start by cutting the foot off the sock, and if necessary, trim part of the cuff so that the toy is slightly shorter than your cat’s body.

Secure one end of the sock tightly with a double knot, optionally reinforcing it with a small amount of glue. Next, stuff the sock with fiberfill and catnip.

Repeat until the sock is fully stuffed, being generous with the catnip to ensure its aroma permeates the fabric. Finally, tie off the other end of the sock and secure it with a dab of glue.

Now you have a delightful catnip sock toy that not only repurposes old socks but also provides endless entertainment for your beloved feline companion.

2. Fabric Scraps Catnip Toy


This toy is a fun way to utilize fabric scraps that might have been leftover from your last sewing project.

Cut to fabric pieces of your choice and bring those fabric squares together, making sure the wrong sides are facing each other.

Pin them in place and start sewing about 3/8 inch from the fabric edge.

Remember to leave a 2-inch opening for the catnip to go in. Now, take a piece of paper and create a funnel to make the process easier. Fill the toy with generous amounts of catnip.

Pin those open edges closed and stitch the opening closed and go over the entire toy one more time for extra strength. Grab your pinking shears and give the toy a decorative edge that won’t fray.

3. DIY Catnip Sardines


Grab your chosen felt and trace the shape of a sardine onto it. You’ll need two pieces for each toy.

Now, take two sardine cut-outs and stack them on top of each other. Don’t forget to cut small circles from the black and white felt for those mesmerizing eyes.

Starting near the head of the sardine, use a back stitch to sew around the outer edge.

Grab a pencil or any suitable tool and gently stuff the catnip down until your sardine is plump and ready to thrill your furry friend.

Stitch the remaining parts of the toy together, ensuring that the catnip stays securely inside. With the help of non-toxic fabric glue, carefully attach the eyes to each side of the sardine. Voila! Your Catnip Sardines are complete and ready to captivate your beloved feline.

4. Kit Tea Catnip Toys


To create these fun toys, you’ll need some fabric, string, catnip, poly-fil, felt, and a couple of buttons.

Cut your fabric pieces into 2-1/2 inches by 4-1/2 inches rectangles and fold them in half with wrong sides together.

Sew up one side and the top, leaving the other side open. Next, tuck a 4-1/2 inch string into the center at the top, making sure a little bit sticks out. Sew over the string to secure it.

Now, fold the open side about 1/4 of an inch and iron the hem to create a crease. This crease will guide your hand sewing later on.

Turn the fabric right side out, revealing the charming teabag shape. Fill it with a generous amount of catnip and some poly-fil for added fluffiness.

Finally, hand sew the opening closed using a simple technique. And voila! Your Kit-Tea Catnip Toys are complete and ready to amuse your kitties.

5. Easter Bunny Catnip Toys


Made from affordable acrylic craft felt, these DIY toys are perfect for your pet’s playful enjoyment.

For each bunny toy, you’ll need two bunny cut-outs and three little black dots for the eyes and nose. Once you have your bunnies cut and ready, it’s time to sew them together.

To keep the catnip securely inside the toy, use the blanket stitch to sew around the shape. Starting from a strategic point near the top, stitch the two felt pieces together.

Place two stitches where the curved parts of the bunny meet to ensure a tight and clean edge. As you work your way down, add pinches of catnip inside the toy.

Treat your pet to hours of playtime and enjoyment with these adorable toys designed especially for spring.


Making your own DIY catnip toys is a great way to show your furry friends some love and keep them entertained.

With minimal supplies, you can craft custom toys that will be sure to get your cats purring in delight.

And don’t worry – if the project doesn’t come out as expected, at least it won’t cost too much to replace!

So next time you want to treat your kitties to something special, skip the store-bought stuff and make some diy catnip toys instead! Happy crafting!

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