Does My Dog Judge Me? The Secret Behind the Side Stares

Does my dog judge me

If you’ve ever felt guilty about something you did around your dog, you’re not alone.

We’ve all been there – maybe we ate their last bit of kibble, or forgot to walk them that day.

And when we look into their big, soulful eyes, it feels like they know exactly what we did and they’re judging us for it.

But the truth is, dogs don’t judge us the way we think they do. They may however give us side stares when things do not go their way.

Even the friendliest of dogs can take time in understanding you and might end up judging you too.

So, like other dog parents if you are wondering that “Does my dog judge me?” then this article is for you.

Let’s find out the secret behind the head tilts and deep stares from your doggo.

Does your dog judge you?

Does my dog judge me

You might have often felt your dog side-eyeing you when you stuff the last piece of chicken on your plate right into your mouth. Do dogs secretly judge you when you take away their food or toy?

Here are a few instances when you can find your dog judging you secretly!

1. When you first meet them

Dogs are usually pretty good at sizing people up within seconds of meeting them.

They’ll take in your appearance, your body language, and your scent to decide whether they think you’re trustworthy or not.

So if you want to make a good impression on a dog, it’s important to be calm, confident, and friendly from the get-go.

2. When you’re eating something they want

Dogs can be pretty food-motivated, so if they see you eating something they want, they might start to judge you based on how willing you are to share.

If you’re not generous with the treats, they might not think very highly of you!

3. When you’re playing with them

Dogs love to play, and they’ll often judge people based on how fun and engaging they are during playtime.

If you’re not really into playing or you don’t know how to play in a way that’s enjoyable for dogs, they might not think very highly of you.

4. When you’re trying to train them

Training is another area where dogs will often judge people.

If you’re patient, consistent, and fair with your training, dogs are more likely to respond well and think favorably of you.

But if you’re impatient, inconsistent, or try to use force, dogs may not be so fond of you.

5. When you’re around other dogs

Dogs are social creatures, so they often judge people based on how they interact with other dogs.

If you’re respectful of other dogs’ personal space and boundaries, and you’re friendly without being overwhelming, dogs are likely to think well of you.

But if you’re rude or aggressive towards other dogs, they probably won’t be too fond of you.

Can dogs judge a person’s character?

Does my dog judge me

Sure, dogs may not be able to read a resume or conduct a job interview, but they can definitely judge a person’s character. And in many cases, their judgment is more accurate than ours.

Dogs have an uncanny ability to sense when someone is untrustworthy or dangerous. They can pick up on subtle cues that we humans often miss, like body language and vocal tone.

Dogs can even sense evil energy and may make a judgment of people from it.

And they’re not afraid to show their feelings – if they don’t like someone, they’ll let you know with a growl or a bark.

Of course, not all dogs are created equal when it comes to judging their character. Some breeds are naturally more suspicious of strangers than others.

But even the friendliest of dogs can usually tell when someone is up to no good.

So next time you’re meeting someone new, take your dog along for the introductions. If they don’t seem to like the person, it might be worth listening to their instincts.

After all, they’ve got a pretty good nose for these things.

Why do dogs side eye?

Does my dog judge me

Dogs are known for their ability to judge people. And one of the ways they do this is by side-eyeing them.

So, why do dogs side-eye when they judge you?

Well, it could be because they’re trying to figure out if you’re a friend or foe. Or, it could be because they’re trying to gauge your reaction to something they’ve done.

Either way, it’s clear that dogs use side-eyeing as a way to size up the people around them. So, if you see a dog giving you the side-eye, just know that they’re probably judging you!

Final Words

Does my dog judge me

Dogs judge people all the time. They do it when they meet someone new when they see them eating something they want, when they’re playing with them, and even when they’re around other dogs.

And while some people might not like being judged by their dog, it’s actually a good thing. After all, dogs have a pretty good nose for the character.

So if your dog doesn’t seem to like someone, it might be worth listening to their instincts.

What do you think about dogs judging people? Do you think it’s a good thing or a bad thing? Let us know in the comments below!

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