7 Dog Breeds Drool The Most And Are Still Adorable

Are you looking for a pup that’s a little more… saliva-tastic? No worries, there are plenty of dog breeds that drool a lot!

Whether you’re looking for a large breed that loves to slobber all over your clothes, or a more compact lap dog with an impressive tongue-lolling ability, we have some suggestions.

So if you want to find out which breeds are the sloppiest of them all, read on!

Is Drooling Ok For Dogs?

When it comes to dogs, drooling is perfectly normal – depending on the breed. Some breeds, such as Bulldogs and Saint Bernards, are known for their slobbering habits.

Other breeds, like Greyhounds and Basenjis, are less likely to get your furniture wet with saliva.

If your pup’s drooling is excessive or out of the ordinary for its breed, however, be sure to consult a veterinarian as this could be an indication of health concerns.

7 Dog Breeds That Drool

When it comes to drooling, these 7 dog breeds may be some of the sloppiest around.

1. Newfoundland:

This giant, fluffy pup is well known for its drooling habits. They have long, loose lips that are prone to slobbering and they tend to be a bit too enthusiastic about giving kisses!

Newfoundland dogs also produce quite a lot of saliva when they eat and even when they’re just panting. Drool central!

2. Boxer:

With their wide-set jaws and big mouths, boxers create puddles of drool wherever they go.

Their floppy lips aren’t the only factor contributing to their dribbling reputation; these intelligent pooches also like to show off their enthusiasm with lots of smooches.

Let’s just say you should always have some tissues handy when you own a Boxer.

3. Saint Bernard:

Often referred to as the drooling machine, Saint Bernards have some impressive drooling abilities.

Their jowly faces drip saliva everywhere they go, like a river flowing down Mt. Everest! With such large mouths and heavy lips, these gentle giants just can’t help but leave behind wet spots wherever they go.

4. Bloodhound:

Bloodhounds are the kings of drool. Their loose jowls produce copious amounts of slobber, and this breed loves to give you a good rinse with it!

They are tireless in their quest to find something delicious that will make them even more excited than they already are –– and if there’s food involved, you can expect an extra shower of saliva!

5. Bulldog:

Bulldogs are big droolers, especially when they get excited. It’s often hard to tell what has them so worked up –– could it be a tasty treat or a squishy toy?

Either way, these wrinkled pooches can’t help but slobber their way through life. But don’t worry – all that extra saliva makes for lots of puppy kisses!

6. Great Dane:

Great Danes like to take their drooling duties seriously.

With their giant jowls and wide-open mouths, these pups definitely leave behind plenty of wet spots!

They also tend to produce more saliva than other breeds, thanks to their perpetual enthusiasm for food and treats. So if you’re a fan of sloppy kisses, this is the pup for you.

7. Neapolitan Mastiff:

Neapolitan Mastiffs are known to have some pretty drooly faces!

Their loose jowls and wrinkly skin are especially prone to producing loads of saliva, and they love to give their owners plenty of slobbery smooches too!

Plus, these pups tend to drool even more when they’re full or happy –– so get your tissues ready!


All in all, these seven breeds are sure to make your life a bit wetter –– but that’s part of their charm!

If you are into dog breeds that do not drool then you must avoid the breeds stated above. But both types of breeds are equally adorable.

Whether you’re looking for an enthusiastic kisser or just someone who loves their food, one of these pooches is sure to make your life a bit more drooly. Just remember to keep plenty of tissues around!

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