Is It Safe For Dogs to Eat Bees or Wasps?

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Dogs are predators, curious and love to eat. They probably eat everything you serve to them without any leftovers. 

But, since they are curious and you can’t watch them 24 hours, they might end up eating bees or wasps, and that might be the worst day of their life forever. 

Bees and wasps are dangerous creatures if your dog eats them. Beside their usually in groups, both bugs sting as their defensive way to survive.

Why Do Dogs Eat Bees or Wasps?

Dogs are curious creatures that love to try anything new for them. When they see bugs or anything flying like bees or wasps they would like to play with them or even worse they thought that bugs are food. 

But in some cases, since dogs have great reflexes especially in their mouth area and they also grab anything with their mouth. The problem is when they tend to grab a bee or a wasp while they don’t know what’s gonna happens if they do that.

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What happens when a dog eats bees or wasps? 

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Of course, all dogs are going to end up suffering when they try to eat bees or wasps. Especially both bugs sting as their defensive way to protect them from any predators. 

Even for humans it still hurts to get stung by bees on any part of our body. Not to mention, about your dog. It could be dangerous for them especially when they eat and try to swallow a bee and get stung in their tongue or throat.

Is your dog going to be sick after they eat a bee or wasp?

It is common for us to fear when your dog eats a bee or wasp, since both bugs have painful stings that could harm your dog. Though the sting is very painful, it won’t make your dog sick because it’s venom and not poison. Unless your dog is allergic to the bee sting, it might be the fatal case. 

Though the sting will go away soon, your dog is going to suffer when they get stung by bees or wasps, and it might cause severe swelling that can make your dog hard to breathe.

What should you do when your dog eats bees or wasps?

We know that you love your furry four legged companion, but to prevent them from chasing or eating some bugs is almost impossible since you cannot watch them all the time and they have predator instinct as well. 

Though some bugs may not bring any harm to your dog, bees and wasps are a different story. It could be fatal for your dog especially if they are allergic to it. 

If you find your dog eating or get stung by a bee or wasp, First thing to do is make your dog comfortable by hugging them and then try removing the sting if it’s present. Make sure to remove it gently to reduce the pain. 

If you see nothing happening to your dogs after you remove the sting for a few minutes, then they’re going to be okay. But, if something occurs to your dog like swellings, collapses, or is difficult to breath, check to the veterinarian immediately.

Can a dog die if they get stung by a bee?

Some people might be curious if their dog getting stung by a bee can lead to their dog’s death? 

The answer is Yes! 

Some dogs might only show irritation or swellings, but if your dog gets stung in the mouth or throat can cause the airways to swell significantly and block your dog’s airway.

And just like humans, dogs can be allergic to the bees or wasps.

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Is it normal if my dog eats a bee or wasp?

Dogs are predators and curious creatures. Since they can’t be under your monitor all the time, their curious and aggressive nature might lead them to trouble, and it includes eating a bee or wasp.

What happens if my dog eats a bee or wasp?

Not all bugs can bring harm to your furry four legged companion, but bees and wasps are one of the bugs that your dog should avoid. It’s not like they are poisonous, but their stings could make your dog suffer and it could be dangerous if your dog is allergic to the bees or wasp’s sting.

What should I do When my dog gets stung by a bee or wasp?

Most dogs just feel pain and swelling when they get stung by bees or wasps. But if they show anything abnormal such as collapse, difficulty to breath, or get stung in their vital part of their body like tongue and throat, you should go visit and check immediately. Especially if your dog is allergic to the stings

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