What To Do If Your Dog Gets Hit By a Car: Surviving The Scare

Being a dog owner, one of your worst nightmares is if your beloved pup gets hit by a car. It can be an incredibly traumatic experience for you and your dog. That might make you think:” What to do if my dog is hit by a car?”

No pet owner ever wants to think about the possibility of their dog being hit by a car. But it’s important to be prepared for any situation so that you can help your pup if such an unfortunate event were to occur.

In this article, we’ll cover what to do if your dog is hit by a car. We’ll discuss the steps you should take, such as assessing your pup’s injuries and seeking medical attention right away.

We’ll also provide tips for preventing future incidents from happening. Let’s get started!

Actions to take if your dog is hit by a car

No one ever wants to face the situation when their beloved pet gets hit by a car. But if it happens, then certain steps must be taken to provide the best possible care for your furry friend.

1. Assess the Situation:

The first step is to assess the situation and figure out whether or not your dog needs immediate medical attention.

If they seem hurt or injured, you should take them to the vet as soon as possible. Remember to always approach with caution – even if your pup seems okay right now, they may have suffered internal injuries which require medical attention right away.

2. Call Your Vet:

Once you have assessed the situation, call your regular veterinarian or an emergency clinic.

This step is important because the vet may provide instructions on how to handle the situation, and they can get ready for your arrival if your pup needs immediate medical attention.

3. Stay Calm:

Even in a stressful and chaotic moment like this, it’s important to stay as calm as possible. Being stressed out will only make things worse and can hinder you from making rational decisions.

If you need help or support, ask someone else to be there with you during the process of getting your pet to the vet.

4. Move Your Dog Carefully:

If your dog is conscious but unable to walk, approach them slowly and carefully when moving them into a car or onto a stretcher so you don’t cause them further injury.

If your pup is unconscious, you can use a stretcher to move them into the car – just make sure you are aware of their neck and spine at all times.

5. Place a muzzle:

If your pup is conscious but in distress, it’s a good idea to place a muzzle on them for the journey. This will help prevent them from biting or scratching in case they become more agitated during the ride.

6. Monitor Vitals:

If you are able, monitor your pet’s vitals throughout the car ride and take note of any changes – this will help the veterinarian make a quicker and more accurate diagnosis when you reach your destination.

7. Reassure Your Dog:

Finally, try to reassure your pup as much as possible while en route to the vet – speaking softly and petting their head can go a long way in making sure they know they are safe and loved.

This may even help reduce their stress levels and give them a better sense of comfort.

Tips to prevent your dog from being hit by a car

Dogs are curious and energetic creatures – which means they can often find themselves in some dangerous situations. That’s why it’s important to take the necessary steps to keep your pup safe, especially on the roads. Here are 7 tips to prevent your dog from being hit by a car:

1. Use a leash:

Using a leash is an essential tip for keeping your pup safe from being hit by a car. Keeping them leashed, especially in high-traffic or unfamiliar areas will help ensure that your dog won’t run off into the street and get injured.

If you find yourself frequently walking in areas with lots of traffic, consider investing in a reflective collar or harness to make your pup more visible to drivers.

2. Train Recall Commands:

Teaching your pup effective recall commands can be invaluable when it comes to staying safe from cars. “Come” and “here” are two basic commands you should train them on so they know when it’s time to come back to you.

Training should start in a quiet area and gradually increase the difficulty as your pup becomes better at following commands.

3. Stay on Sidewalks/Paths:

Sticking to sidewalks and paths is one of the best ways to make sure your pup will stay out of harm’s way from cars.

If there are no sidewalks or paths available, stay far away from the side of the road and keep your dog close to you at all times to prevent them from running into traffic.

4. Avoid Busy Streets:

Whenever possible, avoid walking your pup on busy streets with lots of car traffic. Instead, stick to quieter roads or residential areas where cars move at a slower speed.

This will help minimize the risk of them being hit by a car.

5. Be Aware of Your Surroundings:

It is important to always be aware of your surroundings when walking your pup, especially in areas with lots of traffic.

If your dog is in the car and you get down somewhere, secure your dog in the car so that he doesn’t run away to the road while you are away.

Make sure to look both ways before crossing the street and keep an eye out for any cars that may not stop at crosswalks or driveways.

6. Have Patience:

If you find yourself in an area without sidewalks or paths, it’s best to have patience and wait until there are no cars before crossing the street with your dog.

Waiting will help ensure that neither you nor your pup get injured from passing vehicles.

7. Make Sure Your Dog is Wearing Tags:

Lastly, make sure your pup is always wearing tags with their name and your contact information on them.

This will help ensure that they can be returned to you in case they ever get separated from you, or worse, if they were to get injured by a car.


No one wants to see their pet get hit by a car, but with the right steps and procedures in place, you can make sure your pup gets the medical attention they need quickly and safely.

In most cases, an early diagnosis can mean all the difference when it comes to recovery.

So if your dog ever gets hit by a car, remember the 7 steps for providing them with proper care and support during such a difficult time.

Together, you and your pup can stay safe and build a happy and long life.

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