These Dogs Are Trained To Sniff Out Coronavirus

Dogs have the incredible sniffing ability and they are famously known for their sense of smell. No wonder many dogs are used for military service purposes like catching the criminal from their scent, detecting drugs, and any explosive things.

Besides that, some trained dogs are able to detect some diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and most recently, they were trained to be able to sniff Covid-19.

If you are going to go to Helsinki, you’ll find that to detect Covid-19 they use dogs to sniff your skin through a cloth.

After you’re arriving at the international airport and then collecting your luggage, the airport’s officers will ask you to dab your skin with a wipe, then the dog will sniff through that wipe.

If the dog does any certain behavior after sniffing it out and shows that you might contain the COVID-19 virus, then you have to take further tests like a Swab test.

And the best part is the result from the dog’s sniffing is close to 100% accurate. That’s why many countries now train their dogs and willing to use their ability to detect covid-19

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