How Much Do Dog Vaccines Cost?


Having a dog is a wonderful thing that happens to us. They can bring us joy, happiness, and laughter and they are always there in any situation and condition we are in, whether we are happy or sick and upset. 

So no wonder many people are dreaming of having a dog or more, due to their loyal behavior and of course, having a dog will make you healthier, reduce your stress level and they can provide companionship to your children. 

But, having a dog is not as easy a task as it seems, you’ll need to take full responsibility for your dog, from their food and health, including vaccines. 

You need to get your dog vaccinated. It’s because vaccines will help your dog by preparing its immune system to fight the invasion of diseases.

What kind of vaccines does your dog need?

There are many vaccines that you need to give to your dog from their early age. A dog vaccine depends on their age, so they can boost their immunity. And here are some vaccines for both dogs and cats that you should shoot for your furry friends.

Age Core vaccinations Additional Vaccinations
6-8 weeks Parvovirus  
  Adenovirus (Hepatitis)  
10-12 weeks Parvovirus
Distemper/measles combination
  Adenovirus (Hepatitis)  
  Rabies Giardia
Leptospirosis (California only)
12 – 16 weeks Parvovirus  
  Adenovirus (Hepatitis)  
26 – 52 weeks Booster shots Lyme (in prevalent regions)
Ever 6 weeks   Bordetella
Every 3 years Revaccination Influenza

How much do vaccines cost?


The cost of the dog’s vaccinations can vary depending on the several factors. One of them is the place where you live. Veterinarians in expensive and crowded areas will charge more than in a small town. The breed and size of your pet also become a factor that will determine the cost. 

And here is the estimated cost you need only for vaccinations. 

  • Heartworm tests: $0-$35| Annual cost: $0-$35
  • Flea and tick prevention: $40-$200 | Annual cost: $40-$200
  • Rabies vaccination : $15-$25
  • Vaccines and routine care : $100-$350 
  • Heartworm prevention: $24-$120 | Annual cost: $36-$132
  • Distemper vaccination: $20-$30 | Annual cost: $40-$60
  • Deworming: $20-$50 | Annual cost: $80-$200

(Note that they are based on the USA costs)

What is the solution to cover the budget?

Pet insurance is the best option you have to prevent any additional cost that will drain your bank account.

All the list above is only for vaccines and does not include the emergency visit to the veterinarians for checkups, blood tests, pain medication, hospitalization, or any accidental situation that might occur. 

It is worth it for any pet parents to get pet insurance to prevent any worst scenario when you have to go to the veterinarians or if your pet comes down with a serious condition, you can still save your money. 

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