15 Famous Dogs Of Instagram you have to Follow

#6 Tunameltsmyheart

Tuna is a chiweenie who has become incredibly famous with 2.1 million followers on Instagram.  Tuna is a very special, unique looking dog, dubbed by his people as the underdog with the overbite.

#7 Loki

Loki is a husky/arctic wolf/malamute mix with an incredible 2 million followers with a goal.  Loki and his people have created an inspirational photo journey exemplifying the beauty of untouched nature, intending to help you get outside with your dogs.  Spending time scrolling through the beautiful landscapes has the power to make you want to quit your day to day and get out to see what is out there.

#8 Mayapolarbear

Maya is a Samoyed breed from China with 1.9 million followers.  Maya is a perfect example of what is great about the Samoyed breed, as they are known to be an amazing companion.  Obviously, this dog is for the north, with a beautiful thick white coat and so cute, you would let her sleep with you despite all that shedding.  Interestingly, one of the things Samoyeds were bred for was to sleep with their human companions to keep them warm!

#9 Ppteamkler

Kler is a beautiful short-hair miniature dachshund with 1.9 million followers on Instagram with an incredible family who appear to take her everywhere.  A scroll through her Instagram page shows a very stylish mom dog with excellent fashion sense and many adorable friends.

#10 Marniethedog

Even though Marnie sadly passed away about four months ago, she continues to have 1.8 million followers on Instagram.  In addition to having had incredible fame, Marnie was also the poster pup of senior dog rescue who inspired thousands of people to adopt older dogs, including my own in-laws with their loving adoption of senior rescue, Gracie, who in Marnie’s honour, gets spoiled and is relentlessly loyal and wonderfully sweet.

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