Find the Cat: Cunning Cats, Which Can Not Be Found in the Photos

Cats are very dexterous animals. They can hunt, climb trees, sleep 16 hours a day and always land on all four legs🐈

In addition, they are masters of camouflage of the highest level💪🏼🐱Do not believe? Look at these pictures and try to find cats and cats on them🤓 We provided particularly difficult cases with clues so that someone would not accidentally break the monitor out of frustration. Seriously, there are such puzzles here that even the most attentive reader will spend more than one minute searching for a tailed friend who has successfully merged with the landscape😮🐈

#1 At first glance, this is an ordinary woodpile and there are no cats here❌🐈

#3 Figurines of the goddess Bast for every taste, even alive😹😹😹

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