7 Friendliest Rabbit Breeds for Pet Parents: As Rated by PetPress

Are you looking to adopt a bunny and want to choose from the Friendliest rabbit breeds? Look no further!

Whether you’re a first-time bunny parent or just looking to add another furry friend to your family, there are plenty of rabbit breeds that are some of the friendliest around.

Rabbits are one of the cutest and friendliest animals you can keep as a pet. Some breeds, like the Netherland Dwarf and Lop rabbits, have reputations for being friendly and social.

They make perfect companions for experienced rabbit owners or first-time adopters alike.

On the other hand, some rabbit breeds may be more independent and less affectionate than others — so take care in choosing the breed that’s right for your lifestyle. Ready to find the best match?

Let’s jump into learning about some of the most sociable rabbit breeds that you can adopt.

How do you know if a rabbit is friendly?

If you want to get a feel for how friendly your rabbit is, look out for these five signs!

1. Does it come when you call? If your rabbit moves its ear in response when you say its name, that’s one point for the friendly team.

2. Does your rabbit accept head pats? If it doesn’t recoil or run away as soon as you put your hand near its head, it’s a good indication of friendliness too!

3. Is your rabbit curious? A friendly bunny tends to be inquisitive and explore new things around them – like looking at toys and hopping around furniture without fear.

4. Do they enjoy being handled? Rabbits that feel comfortable with you should let you pick them up without squatting or struggling.

5. Does your rabbit follow you around? If they trust you enough to stay close, that’s a sure sign of friendliness!

Top Friendliest Rabbit Breeds

Generally, all rabbits are friendly but there are a few breeds known for their sociability. All of these breeds have a friendly, calm temperament – perfect if you’re looking for a gentle house bunny!

Let’s have a look at the most affectionate bunnies that make the best of friends.

1. Dutch Rabbit:

If you’re looking for an outgoing breed that loves human attention, then look no further than the Dutch rabbit!

This breed is known for its sociable personality and is a great choice for families with kids.

They’re active and have plenty of energy, so make sure you give them plenty of toys to play with.

Dutch rabbits also like to be held, making them ideal cuddle buddies.

2. Netherland Dwarf:


These pocket-sized bunnies are known for being one of the friendliest breeds around! Not only do they love to cuddle, but they’re also very playful and eager to explore.

They’re small enough that they can be held in your arms, making them great lap pets. Plus, their curious nature means you’ll never be bored with them around.

Just keep an eye on these active little guys – they have a knack for getting into mischief!

3. Lionhead Rabbit:

Looking for a pet that’s full of personality? Look no further than the Lionhead rabbit! This breed is known for its spunky attitude and will happily show off its talents to anyone who will watch.

They thrive on human interaction and love being petted or played with.

Plus, they’re pretty low maintenance in terms of grooming needs, making them ideal for busy households.

4. Lop Rabbits:

If your heart melts at the sight of floppy ears, then a lop rabbit is the one for you! These docile bunnies love being around people and are very affectionate.

Their calm demeanor makes them easy to handle and they’re quite content just lounging around all day long.

Just remember that lops need regular grooming in order to keep their fur looking its best!

5. Mini Rex Rabbit:

If you want a rabbit that loves curling up in your lap, then the Mini Rex is your match!

These bunnies are inquisitive and enjoy investigating their surroundings while looking for new places to snuggle.

They also love interacting with people – whether it’s getting cuddles or playing games like hide-and-seek.

Plus, their soft fur makes them incredibly huggable!

6. Dwarf Hotot Rabbit:


This breed is a great choice for pet owners looking for a small but spunky rabbit. Dwarf Hotots are friendly, outgoing bunnies that love to explore and play.

They also have an affinity for humans and will happily spend time with you – whether it’s cuddling on the couch or hopping around your feet.

Just remember to provide plenty of toys and activities to keep them entertained!

7. Californian Rabbit:

Last but not least is the Californian rabbit – a breed that loves being part of the family! This bunny is known for its friendly and curious nature, so you can expect plenty of snuggles and silliness.

They’re also intelligent, so they make great companions for interactive play. Plus, their thick fur means you don’t have to worry about grooming them as much as other breeds.

So if you want a low-key pet that still brings lots of fun to your life, then this could be just the one for you!


Whichever breed of rabbit you choose, one thing is for sure – they’ll always be your loyal companion and best friend.

Whether it’s cuddling up on the couch or playing hide-and-seek, these furry little creatures will bring joy to your home in no time!

These rabbits also make great first-time pets for kids as they are very affectionate and this way they can teach the kids to be compassionate.

With all these friendliest rabbit breeds, you’re sure to find the perfect pet that fits perfectly into your life. So go out there and get ready to hop into happiness!

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