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What Are The Best First Pets for Kids: An Age-Wise Guide

Are you looking for the perfect first pet for your little one? If you are wondering what are the best first pets for kids then, your search is over — we know exactly what would be the best choice.

From furry friends to beloved reptiles and everything in between, there are plenty of great options when it comes to picking the perfect pet for your child.

Keep reading to learn more about the best first pets for kids!

What are the best first pets for kids?

Bringing a pet into your home is an exciting and rewarding experience for the whole family, especially kids!

With so many great options, there’s sure to be one that your kiddos will love — it’s just a matter of finding the right fit!

So let’s get started and find out which pets are the best first pets for kids according to their age group!

Pets for kids ages 3-6

Here are three top picks when it comes to pets for kids in this age group:

1. Fish:

If you want something low maintenance yet still cute and interactive, a fish tank is an ideal choice.

Not only does it require very little effort on your part, but also watching their colorful inhabitants swim around provides children with endless fascination.

Plus the calming sound of the aquarium filter helps soothe any stressful situations!

2. Guinea Pigs:

What youngster isn’t captivated by a guinea pig? These adorable little rodents are friendly, curious, and loads of fun to watch.

They also provide children with plenty of opportunities for learning – like how to handle them gently and feed them correctly.

3. Hamsters:

What’s cuter than a hamster? Not much! From their impossibly tiny paws to their twitchy noses, these guys have personality plus!

Hamsters don’t require too much maintenance either – they just need some food and water, an exercise wheel, and the occasional cleaning.

Plus, they’re small enough that kids can even carry them around in their pockets!

Pets for kids ages 7-11

Are you trying to find the perfect pet for your 7-11-year-old? What are the best first pets for kids? We’ve compiled a list of 3 great pets that will make their faces light up with joy.

1. Birds:

What better way to keep your kids entertained than with a feathered friend? If you’re looking for an easy-to-care-for pet, small parakeets and cockatiels are great choices.

They provide hours of amusement with their unique personalities and vibrant chirps.

2. Rodents:

Hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, and other small rodents can become quite friendly when handled gently and regularly.

They require a bit more work than the other pets on this list, but they can be great first pets.

3. Gecko:

If you’re looking for something a bit more exotic, why not try a leopard gecko? These friendly lizards are easy to care for and can live up to 20 years in captivity.

One can legally own this as a pet so do not worry about the paperwork, but the terms might differ from country to country.

Best of all, they don’t require as much space as other reptiles, making them the perfect pet for kids.

Pets for kids ages 12-15

When it comes to picking the best first pet for kids aged between 12 and 15, there are a few top contenders.

What you’re looking for is an animal that’s easy to care for, not too expensive to buy or maintain, and one that your adolescent can bond with. Here are three pets that make the grade:

1) Rabbit:

Rabbits can be great first pets. They’re gentle and easy to care for, as long as they have lots of space and companionship.

As long as your kid is willing to take the time to learn how to properly manage and look after their new bunny, these cuddly creatures make a great addition to any family.

2) Tortoise:

What could be more fun than owning a tortoise as a pet? These low-maintenance reptiles are great for kids who want to learn about wildlife and gain the responsibility of caring for an animal.

A well-looked-after tortoise can live up to 50 years – providing your kid with a lifetime of fun!

3) Cats:

What would a list of family-friendly pets be without cats? From moggies to purebreds, cats make the perfect pet for your kid.

They’re independent yet loving creatures that need only minimal grooming and are easy to train.

Cats are easy to take care of and make great first pets.

4) Dogs:

What’s better than a loyal and loving companion? Dogs can provide hours of companionship and fun for your kid, as well as teach them some responsibility.

Just make sure the breed you choose is suitable for kids!

Why are pets helpful for kids?

Pets can be great companions for kids, providing physical and mental benefits. What are the best first pets for kids? Here are 5 reasons why having a pet is helpful:

1. Pets bring unconditional love

Let’s face it, everyone loves feeling loved and accepted no matter what.

A pet’s love is pure and unconditional which gives children an opportunity to experience a connection without judgment or expectations.

2. Caregiving increases responsibility

Taking care of a pet teaches your child how important it is to live up to commitments and be dependable in taking on daily responsibilities such as feeding, bathing, exercising, and playing with the pet.

What better way to teach responsibility than by owning a first-time furry friend?

3. Therapy

What better relief from a tough day than cuddling with your pet? In addition to providing emotional support, pets act as a form of therapy by relieving stress and calming anxiety.

What’s more, having a pet is great for mental health: studies have shown that having a pet can reduce depression and other mood disorders.

4. Increased physical activity

Owning an active pet can also increase the amount of exercise your child gets each day!

Taking the dog for walks or playing games in the backyard can be fun activities to do together while getting some much-needed physical activity.

5. Companionship

Pets offer consistent companionship that children may not get on their own. They provide someone to talk to and share secrets with when no one else is around.

What’s more, pets can provide an opportunity for bonding within the family as everyone works together to take care of the pet.


Overall, there are many benefits to having a pet in your life, especially for children.

From providing unconditional love and companionship to increasing responsibility and physical activity levels, there is something unique that every pet brings into our lives.

One can also get pets for toddlers to make them acquainted with their animal friends at an early stage.

What’s most important is finding a pet that fits best in your home – be it a furry friend or scaly sidekick!

What are you waiting for? Go out there and get your kid their first pet today!

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