8 Fun Things to Do With Your Dog To Strengthen Your Bond

fun things to do with your dog

Spending time with your pup is one of life’s greatest joys!

You can create lasting memories with your four-legged companion while having fun and getting some exercise.

Here are some creative ideas on how to bond with your furry friend and have a blast doing it!

From backyard games to outdoor adventures, you’re sure to find something that you and your pup will both enjoy.

So grab a leash and some treats, and get ready to explore the world with your beloved canine companion!

Indoor fun activities with dogs


There are plenty of fun ways to entertain your pup indoors, too. These include:

Hide and seek

Playing hide and seek with your dog is a great way to have fun indoors.

You can hide treats or toys around the house for them to find or even have them search for you!

Start by choosing a hiding spot yourself and then calling out your pup’s name.

When they come looking for you, reward them with praise and give them a treat when they find you.

This is a great way to keep your pup engaged and entertained while getting them some mental stimulation inside the house.

Playing fetch

Playing fetch with your dog is one of the oldest and most beloved games between humans and their canine companions.

It’s simple yet incredibly fun and can get your pup’s heart rate up in a matter of minutes. All you need is a ball, frisbee, or other toy for them to retrieve.

Then, toss the item and watch as your pup runs after it with glee.

Reward them each time they bring back the item with verbal praise or a treat – it’s up to you!

This game is sure to get your pup’s tail wagging and will provide hours of entertainment.

Freestyle musical dance with dogs

Channel your pup’s inner rockstar with some freestyle musical dance!

Freestyle dancing is a great way to bond with your dog and have fun at the same time.

Choose a favorite song, turn up the volume, and start bobbing your head along to the beat.

Encourage your pup to join in on the fun by moving their body and paws along with you. It may take some practice, but it’s sure to be an entertaining experience for both of you!

Don’t forget to reward them with treats or verbal praise each time they get the moves right.

Brain games with dogs

Dogs are incredibly smart, and they love nothing more than a mental challenge!

Brain games are an excellent way to keep your pup engaged and entertained while giving them some mental stimulation.

These can include anything from teaching them new tricks, solving puzzles, or playing “find it” games.

You can also create your own brain games for your pup to figure out and have fun with.

Brain games are a great way to get your pup thinking, and they’re sure to be impressed by their own brilliance after each successful challenge!

Outdoor fun activities with dogs


Exploring nature together can be a great bonding experience while also providing plenty of exercise for both of you.

These outdoor activities are sure to get your pup excited:

Doggy races

Doggy races are a fun way to entertain both you and your pup!

All you need is an open area to race in, some toys or treats, and two willing participants.

You can set up a course with obstacles for them to navigate through, or just have a straight-ahead sprint.

Either way, watch your pup race to the finish line with joy and enthusiasm!

If you’re feeling competitive, time each other or make a game of it— this is sure to be an exciting outdoor activity for both you and your pup.

Going on hikes together

Exploring the great outdoors with your pup is one of the best ways to bond and get exercise at the same time.

Going on a hike together can be a great experience for you both, as you get to see new sights and smells in nature while also spending quality time together.

Make sure that you plan ahead before taking your pup out— bring plenty of water, treats and a first aid kit, just in case!

Wear appropriate clothing and shoes for the terrain that you’ll be exploring.

With a little preparation, you’re sure to have an amazing time out in nature with your pup.

Flyball with dogs

One of the most exciting outdoor activities for dogs and their owners is flyball.

This high-energy sport requires two teams of four dogs each, to race against one another to complete an obstacle course.

The courses require precision and agility, making it a great way to help build your pup’s confidence and problem-solving skills.

If you’re up for the challenge, find a local flyball club and start training!

With some patience and practice, you can eventually enter official competitions with your pup. Flyball is sure to get your pup’s tail wagging as they compete for the top spot.

Frisbee with dogs

Frisbee is a great way to bond with your pup and get some exercise at the same time.

Start by working on basic commands such as “stay”, “sit”, and “fetch”.

Once they have mastered these simple commands, you can move on to throwing the frisbee further away from you.

With some practice, your pup will soon be running towards the frisbee with joy and enthusiasm!

Make sure to reward them with treats or verbal praise each time they bring it back to you. This is sure to keep your pup entertained for hours on end.

Final words

There are so many fun activities and games that you can do with your pup.

Whether it’s playing frisbee outside or doing brain games indoors, there is something for every pup to enjoy.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with your own ideas as well!

Above all else, make sure that you are providing your pup with plenty of love and attention.

With a little patience and love, you’re sure to have an amazing time bonding with your pup! Happy playing!

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