Top 20 Best Gifts for Cat Lovers and Pet Cats – Best Holiday Guide!

Do you have cat lover friends or family members? Or do you just love cat and cat-related things yourself?

With the holidays just around the corner, cat lovers are looking for that perfect gift to give their cat friends or pet cat.

Here are some of our best picks for cat lover gifts and pet cat gifts. These are all cat-themed, which will make the perfect gift for anyone who loves cats.

From cat-related clothes to pet beds to even a hilarious book about cats – we’ve got it all. There’s something here for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

top 10 gifts for cat lovers

Top 10 Cat Lover Gifts

1. No products found.

These No products found. are perfect gifts for women who loves their pet cats and love to cuddle with them. They are very good choices as a Christmas present as it helps keep the feet warm during the cold weather.

No products found.

2. CAT-opoly Board Game

Similar to Monopoly, you buy your favorite cats then collect Litter Boxes and trade them in for Fish Bones. Sounds easy enough unless you get fleas, start chasing mice, or have to clean the litter boxes! The Cat-opoly board game is made up of the world’s most popular and exotic cats and back of each deed contains fun cat facts.

Late for the Sky CAT-opoly Board Game White, Large

3. Evelots Kitty Cat Hanger Hooks 

Instead of crossing your path, this black cat hanger extends his paws over your door to provide two extra hooks for hanging clothes, coats, towels and other items. Conveniently increase storage space and reduce clutter with this easy-to-install over-the-door mount.

Evelots Cat Over The Door Hooks for Hanging - Black - Over The Door Organizer - Strong Metal Hooks

4. Coolife Motivational Tracking Water Bottle 

The bottle comes with a leak-proof silicone lid to protect your water from spilling. Not to mention, it also includes a safety lock for security, a handy carrying strap, and is made with BPA free Tritan Material. The tracking water bottle is portable and lightweight, making it perfect for on the go use and features a printed motivational cat message that is durable and will not peel nor fade.

Coolife 32oz 1 Liter Motivational Tracking Water Bottle w/Hourly Time Marker - Drink Your Water Right Meow - Mothers Day, Funny Birthday Gifts for Women, Cat Lover, Cat Mom, Cat Lady, Best Friend

5. Pet Cat 3D Illusion Table Lamp 

The 3D visual cat creative lamp is an innovative artistic atmosphere light that also has an optical acrylic light guide plate engraving a variety of 2D graphics. The unique cat lighting effects is an amazing optical visual illusion that is great as a home decor lamp. 

Gawell Christmas Gift Pet Cat 3D Illusion Birthday Present Beside Table Lamp, 16 Colors Changing Touch Switch Decoration Night Lamp with Remote Control Cat Lover Theme Toy

6. Sleepwish Cat Blankets 

The cat-themed blanket is made from microfiber plush material, so much softer than fleece to provide the most luxurious comfort. It includes a vintage cute cats pattern on a white background which is perfect for a cat lover.

Sleepwish Cat Blankets for Cat Lovers Cute Cat Blanket for Girls Women Fleece Cat Sherpa Blanket Black and White Cat Print Blanket Fuzzy Cat Blanket Throw (50' X 60')

7. No products found. 

This No products found. is a great gift for anyone that loves cats kittens, is a cat mom or dad, and loves to rock. 

No products found.

8. SCOPOW Remote Control Cat Lamp 

The cute cat lamp with remote control function is suitable for use in the bedroom at home. It’s also good to give a dim light at a baby room or the  living room of the home. 

SCOPOW Night Lights for Kids Room Cat Lamp with Remote for Desk Decor, Kawaii Anime Squishy Lamps for Kids Toddler Baby Girls, Cat Themed Gifts for Cat Lovers

9. Sterling Silver Cat Necklace 

A special gift for cat lovers! This very cute and tiny cat necklace is a perfect gift for cat lovers since it is a light silver with matte finished necklace, and platinum plated with mirror polishing finished.

S.Leaf Sterling Silver Cat Necklaces for Women Girls Cat Jewelry for Women Cat Accessories for Women Cat Mom Lover Lady Themed Gifts Unique Cute Silver Kitten Jewelry Birthday Gifts for Women

10. 365 Cats Page-A-Day Calendar 2022 

Featuring the distinguished winners of the annual Cat Calendar Contest, 365 Cats has done it again! The whole cat calendar 2022 features the sweet, sassy, silly, mischievous, and adorable winners of the 2021 Cat Calendar Contest. A stunning pure black cat with yellow eyes. A sweet ginger posing in front of a bookcase.

365 Cats Page-A-Day Calendar 2022: The World's Favorite Cat Calendar

Now that we’re done with gifts for cat lovers, we just can’t forget about the pet cats that we have. Here are the top picks that you reserve for an adorable pet cat that you know. 

top 10 gifts for cats

Top 10 Gifts For Pet Cats

1. No products found. 

This No products found. would automatic turn on every 3 hour and has 15-minute auto shut-off feature that prevents your cat from being overly excited and keep the game engaging. This toy will be a perfect self play for your cats!

No products found.

2. Petstages Cat Tracks Toy 

Petstages cat tracks are designed to keep your kitty active and engaged while playing indoors. The tower of tracks toy is sure to have your kitty chasing, swatting, batting and catching the bright-colored balls as they race around the track! 

Catstages Tower of Tracks Interactive 3-Tier Cat Track Toy with Spinning Balls, Orange

3. Potaroma Realistic Moving Cat Kicker Fish Toy 

The dancing fish cat toy creates interactive fun between pet owners and pets and elevate the bonding between you and your favorite furry friend. The fish cover is made for durability, and can be washable once it gets dirty. The included catnip pouch helps attract cats attention to kick and wrestle with the fish toy.

Potaroma Realistic Moving Cat Kicker Fish Toy with SilverVine and Catnip, Flopping Fish Cat Dog Toy, Wiggle Fish Toy 10', Floppy Kitty Kitten Toy, Interactive Cat Toy

4. PEFUNY Cat Window Perch 

It is well known that cats are always looking for a place with a nice view to enjoy the sunshine. The cat window perch can provides a 360° Sunbath for cats. Its frame is made advanced pipes, covered by outdoor and rugged fabric, and supported by four giant suction cups enable it to be fixed by window without tool and installed in seconds.

PEFUNY Cat Bed Window, Cat Window Hammock Window Perch, Safety Cat Shelves Space Saving Window Mounted Cat Seat for Large Cats (Beige Premium Set)

5. Kitty City Large Cat Tunnel Bed 

The cat tunnel bed can be turned into a round or Moon-shaped in just a few minutes. Cats will love to nap in the middle cushion bed and inside. Extra large circular tunnel is perfect for a chase or cats who want to hide out of sight.

Kitty City Large Cat Tunnel Bed, Cat Bed, Pop Up Bed, Cat Toys, White

6. Pettsie Cat Collar 

Get the stylish and strong collar for your cat and a matching friendship bracelet for you. The cat collar and bracelet will strengthen the relationship with your furry best friend and make you both look totally cool and cute in this modern design.

Pettsie Cat Collar Set, Breakaway Safe Buckle, Matching Friendship Bracelet, Pet-Friendly Carton Box for Kitty Lovers, Soft Cotton for Sensitive Skin, Easy Adjustable 7.5-11.5 Inches, Red

7. Youngever 24 Assorted Cat Toys 

These assorted cat toys provides hours of exercise & self-amusement for a pet cat. It keeps a cat busy while the owner is away. Perfect also for bonding with cats and playing together.

Youngever 24 Cat Toys Kitten Toys Assortments, 2 Way Tunnel, Cat Feather Teaser - Wand Interactive Feather Toy Fluffy Mouse, Crinkle Balls for Cat, Puppy, Kitty, Kitten

8. YOFUN Smart Spinning Cat Toy 

The smart interactive cat toy ball moves around by itself, the movement is random and unpredictable, helps to rise the hunting instinct inside your indoor cats, let them chase the ball around, having fun and exercise at the same time.

YOFUN Smart Interactive Cat Toy - Newest Version 360 Degree Self Rotating Ball, USB Rechargeable Wicked Ball, Build-in Spinning Led Light, Stiulate Hunting Instinct for Your Kitty (White)

9. JUNSPOW Free-Standing Cat Bed  

The cat hammock can help prevent scratches, is made from breathable material, is simple to clean, water resistant, and is suitable for year-long use. It has a suspended design, so it is cool even in the summer time. A cat will also keep warm during the winter, because the hammock does not make direct contact with the floor.

JUNSPOW Cat Bed Dog/Pet Hammock Bed Free-Standing Cat Sleeping Cat Supplies Pet Supplies Whole Wash Stable & Breathable Easy Assembly Indoors Outdoors, 16.9 in x 16.9 in x 9.5 in

10. Interactive Self Rotating Toys for Indoor Cats 

The interactive cat toy comes complete with detachable feathers that are guaranteed to make a cat want to play. These feathers can be inserted into the toys sphere so that it makes it an even more exciting toy for a pet cat.

Cat Toys, Interactive cat Toys for Indoor Cats, USB Charging/ 360 Degree Self Rotating Ball/ Led Light/ Automatic Feathers/ Bird Chirping/ Moving cat Toys Feather and Balls, Cat Toy as Cat Gifts

As we head into the holiday season, it’s time to think about what gifts you want to buy for your friends and family.

If you know someone who loves their cat or pet kitty as much as they love themselves (or even more!), then these 20 gift ideas should help get them excited this year. Or you could help them think of pet cat names if they got a new kitty.

Cats are wonderful creatures that deserve only the best in life so spoil yours with one of these great products!

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