Happy Together – Photo Story About Growing up a Girl and a Boston Terrier

Jessie Holland photographs his daughter and dog in his spare time from commercial filming🐶👧🏽📸 What began as a comparison of two of her favorite creatures in her life (or “a bunch of problems,” as Jesse calls them) ended up in a full-fledged photo series, the charm of which is hard to resist🐶💕👧🏽

Jessie has found inspiration for this series throughout📸 So there were photos in which the couple took turns trying on glasses, playing on the court, dressing up in costumes, sleeping and doing many, many another no less charming things. Photographs that help to capture childhood so quickly passing👧🏽

#1 It all started with the fact that Jesse’s parents gave her daughter Ella a touching knitted hat with an owl. It turned out that the hat is touching not only on Ella, but also on Charlie’s favorite family pet – boston terrier. Although the photo shows that Charlie is somehow not very happy. Apparently, he already knew what he was going to …👒🐶💕👧🏽

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