Here Is What You Need To Feed Your Dog To Stay Healthy

A dog is known to be a human’s best and most loyal friend. Whether it is inside the house, during the morning run, or a road trip to your favorite destination, a dog’s presence is all you need for great company. If you are one of the dog-lovers who have owned a dog, you probably already know how happy it can make you have an active and rolling dog around you. As a dog owner, you are going to want your dog or doggo to be on the move, matching your steps everywhere. However, that comes with the good health and fitness of your dog.

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The dogs that are not physically and mentally healthy cannot be expected to do all the high-energy stuff and they will not feel good themselves – which is not how you want it to be. In that case, you are going to have to look through your food items for your dog. The nature of the diet can make a very big difference. 

The question that you should ask yourself is whether or not you are giving your dog healthy food that is not only effective for health but also very crucial to maintain the energy and stamina within the dog’s body. You must know that a high-quality diet is a mantra to live healthy and longer, for every living being including dogs, so you must decide your dog’s menu carefully. As they say, you become what you eat. 

Top Way To Ensure Good Health To Your Dog

There are multiple things that you should consider before you get to the supermarket to pick up your dog’s food. You must pick the right nature of food for your dog as every breed of dog has a different food requirement. While a pomeranian dog can do good with the general dog food available in the market, a big-body dog such as a Labrador or a German Shepherd may need something of a specific quality or nutrient standard.

Without any further ado, let us take a look at some of the best food to feed your dog for a healthy and active life:

Get Healthy Whole Foods 

Whole Foods such as vegetables and fruits are not only healthy for humans but can also help your pooches in many ways. Vegetables and fruits contain live enzymes that can prove to be tremendously healthy for your dog. Besides enzymes, veggies and fruits are also rich in fiber which quickens and smoothens the entire digestive process and also improves stools.

While you are getting whole foods for your dog, you should be careful because all of that is not safe. For instance, the industrially-processed whole foods that have a high shelf-life can contain synthetic nutrients that cannot be digested by your dog in some cases. Therefore, it is rather important that you only pick natural whole foods that can be absorbed by the dog.

Introduce Antioxidants And Ingredients With Anti-Inflammatory Properties

One of the major contributors to premature aging in dogs and people is inflammation. In addition to that, inflammation can also cause many diseases such as pancreatitis and arthritis. These diseases may be a package deal with industrially-produced dog food. Foods that are rich in anti-inflammatories and antioxidants keep the digestive system of your dog in the best shape so that threats of diseases are kept at the bay. 

In case you cannot get such food in your locality, you can use naturally anti-inflammatory whole foods to add to your dog’s food. That should offset the ill-effects and give positive results.

Drop Gluten Out Of The Basket

Most dog foods contain gluten which can harm your dog’s health in many ways. Gluten causes some of the waste products to be retained in the system which may lead to organ damage. The liver and kidneys are most vulnerable to gluten. Before you pick up your dog’s food, you must check out the ribbon that reads ‘gluten-free’ because if it does not, it is not entirely fit for your pooch’s consumption. 

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Green Lentils Can Add A Healthy Aspect

Not just green lentils, buy organic green lentils because you do not want anything with chemicals. It is neither good for humans, nor dogs. Green lentils can provide a protein-rich diet to your barker. You will need to boil lentils before they can be eaten so make sure you wash and boil them properly. 

Besides protein, lentils contain many more nutrients in the form of fiber and minerals such as magnesium and iron. Green lentils are also rich in lysine which can improve your barker’s immune system. The cherry on the top, lentils also prevent multiple common diseases.

Purified Water Is Must

One of the most common causes of diseases in both humans and dogs is water. Tap water is not the best and fittest source of drinking water as that may contain dozens of varieties of chemicals. Not only does clean and purified water help in the digestion of nutrients effectively, but that also brings along other benefits in form of safety and elimination of disease threats. Purified water is better, but not what you call idealistic. The purified water that is alkaline works the best and gives out evident results. 

Maintain Teeth & Gum Health

While brushing is suggested for doggies, it is not quite practical for a human to brush the pooch’s teeth every morning or night. Well, since that is true for most, there is a solution. You can get raw bones for your doggy that they off course love and are going to gnaw on. As they chew the raw bone, it would work just like a toothbrush with a pea-shaped paste on it. Chewing on the bone will keep the teeth plaque-free and strengthen the gums. Additionally, you can put in the food bowl, zucchini and carrots that will keep the teeth clean and shining. 

Wash The Bowls Regularly, Use Vinegar

While many are going to want to skip this part because they do not think cleaning the bowl is very much needed. But if you want to give complete care to your dog, you are pretty much going to need to do it. Washing the bowl regularly will keep it free of germs and bacterias that may cause a variety of diseases to your dog. Cleaning alone is not sufficient. 

You should ideally clean your dog’s bowl with a chemical-free formula. That is of course to say the commercial cleaning products are not fit for the purpose. You can use vinegar to do the job for you. The home kitchen ingredient is a very effective disinfectant that can make the dog’s bowl safer than new.

Read About Dog Foods

You must make some of your own research. One thing you can do is to go online and read about what is right and what is not for your doggo. The information available on the dog food guide suggests that the vegetables that you feed your dog must all be properly washed. Similarly, you can find more details by reading online or offline as to how to give your dog the best and healthy food experience.

Feed-In The Right Quantity

Well, doggies generally do not know when to stop and if you leave it to them, they will stop only after their stomach is upset. At the same time, you can’t underfeed them because that will directly impact their growth and health. You need to feed the barkers as per their requirements. For example, one that is underweight may take a little more than just right, while an overweight pooch will need a bit of control on the eating part. The timings of the meals also matter very much. It is ideal to give your dog something to eat before you take them out for a nice little walk. That helps in digestion and makes the calories get burnt easily. 

Get Certified Organic Food

Well For a very long time, we didn’t quite get the concept of organic food. Now, we know it’s rather important for humans, similarly it is required for dogs as well. But you have to be careful because genetically modified food products may not be as healthy as they are believed to be. So next time you are picking up organic food for yourself or for your dog, make sure you get the ones that have some kind of certification labeling on them. It will help you assure that what you are eating and feeding your dog is right. 

What comes next after a perfect meal is exercise. You must ascertain that your dog gets the regular exercise needed to stay fit and healthy. Take your barker out for a walk every day and sometimes it’s good to make him run. Healthy food and a healthy lifestyle can ensure a perfect life for your dog. 

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