How to Bell Train Your Dog in 7 Simple Steps

If you have a new pup at home, it’s time to introduce them to the world of bell training! But what is bell training and how to bell train a dog?

Dogs are very easy to train and they learn fast. One can tech them to walk on a leash, several commands, and much more. So it doesn’t take long to get your pup familiarized with bell training.

Think of it as teaching your dog to ring a bell when they need to go outside and relieve themselves.

This is a great way to minimize messes in the house since you’ll know exactly when your four-legged friend needs some fresh air!

So let’s get started with the basics of bell training your pup!

What is Bell training?

Bell training is a simple and effective way to teach dogs basic commands. It involves ringing a bell hung on the door when the owner wants their dog to go outside.

When the dog hears the bell, it will immediately associate it with going outside and start running towards the door.

The idea is that after some repetition, the dog will eventually learn to ring the bell themselves or come running whenever they hear it.

This method of training can be especially useful for house-training puppies or teaching dogs new tricks.

Bell training is an easy and safe way to train your pup without having to resort to harsher methods such as physical punishment or corrections.

With diligence, patience, and consistency, you and your pup can have a happy learning experience with this technique!

How to bell train a dog?

If you’ve ever been curious about how to bell train a dog, then your search is over! We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide with 7 simple steps so you can get started right away. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1:

Purchase a bell or two that your pup will be able to easily use – this could be anything from bells on a string to bells in a bag.

Keep in mind that the sound of the bells should be loud enough for you to hear it but not overly shrill or annoying for your dog.

Step 2:

Hang the bells up in a place that’s easy for your pup to reach. You could hang them from a doorknob, put them on the floor next to the door, or even attach them to your pup’s collar!

Step 3:

Start by teaching your dog how to ring the bell. Make sure you have plenty of treats on hand as positive reinforcement.

You can either physically move their paw towards the bells and press it against them, or simply give verbal cues like “touch” or “ring.”

Once they successfully ring the bells, reward them with lots of praise and treats.

Step 4:

As soon as your dog has mastered ringing the bells, begin associating the sound of ringing the bell with going outside.

Every time you take your pup to go potty, ring the bells and wait for them to finish before opening the door.

Step 5:

Continue ringing the bells every single time you take your pup out–this will help reinforce the connection between ringing and going outside.

Eventually, they’ll start ringing the bells themselves when they need to go!

Step 6:

As your dog gets used to this routine, you can begin phasing out treats as rewards. Instead, shower them with lots of praise and attention when they successfully ring the bells.

Step 7:

Give your pup lots of love and praise for ringing the bells! This will encourage them to keep using this method in the future.

And there you have it–7 simple steps to bell training your pup! With a bit of patience, perseverance, and positive reinforcement, you’ll be able to successfully teach them how to use their new bells.


So there you have it: Following these steps, bell training your pup can be a piece of cake! Not only is this a great way to keep your furry friend from having accidents indoors, but it’s also useful for teaching them basic commands like “no” and “come.”

With the right technique and lots of patience and love, you’ll soon have an obedient pooch who knows exactly when they need to go outside.

Good luck on your journey to ringing in good potty habits with your pup – before you know it, they’ll be ringing their bells like champs! Until then, happy bell training!

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