How to Build a Catio: A Guide for the Purr-fect DIY Project

Welcome to the wonderful world of catios! A catio, short for “cat patio”, is a great way to give your feline friends some outdoor time while still keeping them safe and sound. Are you wondering How to build a catio, we got you covered!

Whether you want to build a simple box or an elaborate playhouse for your cats, there are lots of ways to make sure your furry family members have a place to get some fresh air and sun without any danger.

This article provides information about how to build a catio. It gives step-by-step instructions on how you can design the purrfect catio for your home and provides background information on why a catio is the perfect way to give your feline friends some outdoor time while keeping them safe.

So if you’re ready to give your cats their own special place in the sun, let’s get started!

How to build a catio

Making a catio is a relatively simple process, but there are some important steps you need to take before beginning.

Step 1:

Make a list of all the materials you will need to build your catio. Some basics include wood, nails, screws, staples, and other hardware; screens or netting; weatherproof sealant; tools such as hammers, drills, saws, and screwdrivers. Look for any special items that may be needed depending on the size and design of your catio.

Step 2:

Measure out the dimensions of your catio area. This is important to ensure everything fits correctly once it’s built. If possible, make sure there is enough space for comfortable movement around the walls and entrance/exit points for cats.

Step 3:

Cut the pieces of wood according to the measurements taken in step two. When it comes to the frame of your catio, be sure to use sturdy and durable wood like cedar or redwood for its strength and weatherproofing qualities.

Step 4:

Begin assembling the pieces together by attaching them using nails, screws, staples, or other hardware. Make sure all connections are secure before moving on to the next step.

Step 5:

Securely attach the netting or screening to your frame. Use small nails, tacks, or staples to make sure the material is held tightly in place and won’t come loose easily.

Also, remember to leave enough slack so that cats can enter and exit with ease.

Step 6:

Seal any gaps between pieces of wood using a waterproof sealant. This will help to keep cats safe from the elements and other potential hazards like insects or animals.

Step 7:

Add additional features to your catio:

1. Add a fountain or birdbath – This is the perfect way to get your cats to enjoy their outdoor time even more.

2. Incorporate a scratching post – Cats love scratching surfaces, so why not make it part of the design?

3. Create an obstacle course – Give your cats something to do with stairs, ramps and other features that will keep them entertained for hours on end.

4. Hang some toys – Keep boredom at bay by adding dangling toys or hiding treats around the enclosure for your furry friends to discover and explore!

5. Install natural elements – Turn your catio into its own little piece of nature by adding plants, vines, and other natural elements that your cats can enjoy.

Creative catio ideas

Check out these creative catio ideas to get some additional inspiration:

DIY Outdoor Catio

This exceptional cat catio design combines the best of both worlds. Your cats can enjoy the outdoors while remaining safely at home.

This catio is attached to the exterior of your house, providing convenient access for your feline friends. Construct the sturdy framework of this catio using plywood, lumber, and pine boards.

DIY Wooden Catio

Construct this spacious catio utilizing a variety of upcycled materials, supplemented by 6×6 and 2×4 wood slats.

Strategically position this larger cat enclosure near a window, allowing your feline companion to enjoy the fresh outdoor air and engage in exercise. Enclosed with wire mesh, this catio resembles a generous wooden-framed cage.

Catio made of PVC Pipes

Create a secure outdoor space for your cats with a PVC pipe catio. Protect them from potential car accidents and enjoy fresh air.

Constructing this cat enclosure costs under $300. Begin by building the PVC pipe frame, then cover it with Blue Hawk Plastic garden fencing.


Building a catio is a great way to give your cats the outdoor experience they crave. It allows them to explore the outdoors without being exposed to potential threats and dangers.

By following these steps, you can create a safe and enjoyable environment for your feline friends.

Don’t forget to add creative touches like plants, bird baths, toys, and scratching posts that will keep your cats entertained! With some patience and creativity, you can build the perfect outdoor space for your cats.

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