Last Goodbye: How to Know When It’s Time to Put Your Dog Down

In the words of W. Bruce Cameron, “When you adopt a dog, you have a lot of very good days and one very bad day.” That bad day may be when you have to make the tough decision of whether or not to say the last goodbye to your furry friend. But how to know when it’s time to put your dog down?

The moments spent with your furry companion are often some of the most treasured memories, and saying goodbye is never easy.

Knowing when it might be the kindest thing for both you and your dog can help in making this decision a bit easier. Here’s what you need to consider when deciding if it is time to put down your pup.

How to Know When to Put Your Dog Down

Dogs are very lively and active all the time, but they might slow down with age. Here are a few signs that will help you make a decision:

1. Your Dog Has Difficulty Walking

When your pet is having a difficult time while walking, it might be an indication of discomfort or pain in their joints and bones that can only get worse.

If you notice this happening, it might be the right time to let them go peacefully.

2. Breathing Difficulty

Dogs often develop respiratory diseases such as pneumonia or asthma as they age which can lead to labored breathing or a lack of oxygen in their system.

This could be a sign that your beloved pet may not have much longer left so it’s better for them if you make the tough decision now instead of dragging it out later.

3. Loss of Appetite

All dogs need food for energy, so if you notice that your pup isn’t eating as much or has lost its appetite completely, it could be a sign of something more serious and is worth getting checked out by a vet. If the issue can’t be resolved then it might be time to put them down.

4. Loss of Interest

Dogs love to explore and play with their humans, but if your pup is suddenly not interested in activities they used to enjoy then this could also indicate that their health is deteriorating rapidly and you should consider putting them down before they suffer any further.

5. Organ Failure

If your pet’s organs start to fail due to age or illness, this can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort for them.

If the vet believes that their condition isn’t treatable then it might be time to make the tough choice of putting them down peacefully.

6. Too weak to stand

When your pup is no longer able to stand on its own, you know that things aren’t looking too good and this is a sign that they may not have much longer left.

7. Excessive weight loss

Dogs can lose weight for many reasons such as old age or an underlying illness, but if there’s no sign of improvement and you see them becoming increasingly frail then it may be the right time to let them go peacefully.

8. Seizures

Seizures can happen due to a number of reasons, but if they become more frequent or intense then this could indicate that your pet is in pain and needs to be released from suffering.

9. Loss of bladder control

When pets start to lose control of their bladder due to age or illness, this is a clear sign that things are not going too well and they may need to be put down.

10. Unable to interact with family

Dogs love nothing more than being close to their owners, so if your pup is unable to interact with you and the other members of the family then it might be a sign that their quality of life has deteriorated and it’s time to put them down.


Before taking any step, always consult your vet first. You know your pup better than anyone else. So if there are any doubts, seek advice from professional medical personnel who can provide guidance.

Saying goodbye to your beloved pet is never easy. But making sure they don’t suffer any longer can provide some comfort in knowing that you did what was best for them.

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