Best Ways To Name An Alpaca – Top Alpaca Names To Choose From


Many people don’t really know the difference between alpaca and llama, but they are different animals. Even so, alpacas are cute and adorable animals to keep as a pet in your backyard, since they are also friendly and easily trained. If you ever meet alpacas, you know how soft their fur is that makes you wanna cuddle them. You won’t regret it if you have an alpaca as a pet as long as you train them properly, and the first step to train them is calling them by their names. In this article, we’ve covered all alpaca names to help you find a perfect name for your cute pet alpaca.

Best Alpaca names

alpaca names

Alpacas are actually highly intelligent animals and remember the name you call at an instant. In this list of 150 of the best alpaca names, we’ve compiled alpaca names that are cute and funny just the way they are.

Good Alpaca names


We don’t want to leave other specific alpaca names and just humans, they have different personalities. Check this list of over 270 names for a pet alpaca which includes alpaca names for both genders and even cute, cool, and funny alpaca farm names.


What is a good name for an alpaca?

There are many good alpaca names you can choose for your alpaca like Donnie, Collin, or Nicko for a male alpaca, and Kate, Olivia, or Iris for a female alpaca.

What is a cute name for an alpaca? 

Fluffy would be a cute name for an alpaca due to its thick and fluffy fur. We also like Runner, Guy, Boo, or Betty.

What are funny alpaca names? 

There are many funny alpaca names. A name like Al-PacMan or ChewPaca would be funny. Also, there are Alpapella, Alpacalypse or AlPacino.


Not only are alpacas a good pet animal, but they can also be guardians for your other herd animals like cows, goats, and sheep. If you have enough space in your backyard, having alpacas would be a good idea. Though sometimes when they feel threatened or annoyed they spit, still they are easily trained. By giving them a proper name would be a huge step to train and be friendly with them, and hopefully, you can find the best name for your pet alpaca.

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