Top Elephant Name Articles – Cute, Good, & Famous Elephant Names


Elephants are the largest living land creature in the world, that have a long trunk, wide ear that mostly can be found through Africa and Asia. They are mostly living in their habitats such as savannahs, deserts, forests, and marshes. Keeping an elephant as a pet would be illegal in most countries and need a special permit. Besides, elephants need special requirements to live like a huge place, with lots of water and food due to their large bodies. But overall, elephants are great animals, not only because they are exotic animals, but also they are highly intelligent, easily trained and they love to interact with humans. If you are looking for elephant names, we’ve covered all the perfect names for elephants.

Top Best Elephant Names


In this list, we’ve included over 400 of the best elephant names for both genders and even baby elephant names as an extra. Not only that, there are famous elephant names from TV shows and cartoons.

Top Popular Elephant Names


Elephants are majestic large animals and a lot of them can also be located in Africa. If you own one then consider this list of over 100 popular names for an elephant. When we say ‘popular’, we mean famous and African elephant names as well as popular nicknames from movies too.


What is a good name for an elephant? 

Jumbo would be a good name for an elephant and easy to remember due to its huge body. We also like Marx, Lizzie, or Ziggy.

What is a cute name for an elephant?

Cubby would be a cute name for an elephant. We also have many cute names like Bubbles, Holly, Tusk-any, or Chomper.

What are good African elephant names? 

Ekon would be a perfect African name for an elephant, which means strong (Nigerian). We also like Lulu, Uma, or Maha.


Elephants are exotic animals that would be good to keep as a pet due to their high intelligence. They are also easy to train and the more important thing is they love humans. They are also emotionally attached to humans or other animals. Since they can be tamed easily, calling them with a name would be a good way to train them. We also have an Elephant Name Generator to help create the best name based on gender, size, and other categories.

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