Top Koala Name Articles For A Pet Koala – With Famous Names Too!


Koalas are the cutest, fluffy, and cuddly looking animals on earth that are from Australia. Due to their cuteness, many people wonder if this animal could be adopted and kept as a pet. This adorable creature can be affectionate and easily tamed by humans, which makes them the best pet ever. So if you’re thinking of having a koala for your pet, it would be a great idea, though in some countries it’s illegal to keep a koala due to its rareness. If you already got one, we’ll help you by giving some koala name ideas for your adorable pet koala.

Top Famous Koala Names

koala names

Ever heard of the popular koala called Leonard from The Penguins of Madagascar. If not, it’s because we don’t realize that there are a number of koalas included in movies. So we have here over 140 famous koala names. If you’re looking for something funny as well, we have funny koala names too!

Top Best Koala Names


Koalas are wonderful animals originating from Australia. If you see one in a local zoo, then consider yourself lucky. If you actually own one and are looking for the best koala name, then we have suggestions of over 100 koala names fit for both genders. We also have cute koala names for baby koalas.


What is a good name for a koala?

Sydney would be a good koala name since it’s also a name of a city where Koala originates from. We also like Bob or Milo.

What is a cute name for a baby koala?

Cuddles or Teddy is a cute name for a baby koala due to their looking like teddy bears and cuddly looking. We also like fluffy due to their fur.

What are famous names for koalas? 

There are many famous names for koalas that are inspired by cartoons such as Miranda, Katy, Penelope, or Bruce.


No one can argue that Koalas are the cutest and most adorable creature in the world. They just look like teddy bears with the fluffy fur that everyone wants to cuddle with. But since they are ultra-rare animals, you can’t easily keep them as a pet and it’s illegal to own a koala. If you happened to meet or managed to have one, hopefully this article inspires you to name your adorable pet koala.

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