How To Stop Pets From Destroying Your House

Owning a pet comes with its share of challenges, but one of the most distressing is when they start to wreak havoc on your home. Not only can their destruction cause serious damage and cost you time and money in repairs, but it can also be emotionally trying for both animal lovers and non-pet owners alike. This blog post will explore some strategies that have been found successful in curbing pets from suffering property destruction while also preserving their needs and welfare. 

Hire Help

If you have a troublemaker pet at home, and you’re tired of cleaning up their messes – literally – then it may be time to consider hiring help. Lots of people reach out to a Pooper Scooper Service to make their lives with their furry friends a lot more bearable. Sure, it’s an expenditure, but think of all the time and money you’ll save on having to fix those chewed cushions or repaired walls. 


Professional pet teams can provide personalized assistance that ranges from training and walking services to round-the-clock care and even keeping an eye out when you’re away. Best of all, these professionals are experts in curbing destructive behavior, so your beloved pup will learn proper etiquette while still being able to play and have fun. Hiring help might be the answer you need to keep your pets – and your house – happy.

Train Your Pets

If you’re looking for a foolproof way to stop your pets from destroying your house, training is the key. Teaching your furry friends some basic house rules can help ensure that they don’t run amok in your home. By using positive reinforcement and reinforcing commands steadily and consistently, you can establish a healthier dynamic between yourself and your pet. 

Never underestimate the value of teaching proper behavior; beyond keeping furniture safe and intact, it’ll help create a stronger bond with your pet! Best of all – it doesn’t require any complicated equipment or expensive resources; just time and dedication!

Supervise Their Behavior

Finding ways to effectively supervise your pet’s behavior in the home can go a long way toward preventing destruction. Taking proactive steps such as creating a safe zone or play area can give them an outlet for their energy and help ensure they don’t ruin things in the house. Additionally, setting consistent boundaries and rewarding positive behavior will also be important – when your pet behaves well, reward it with a treat or a special toy! 

Finally, if possible, consider obtaining toys specifically meant to distract them when there’s something dangerous nearby that could potentially lead to destruction. Supervision is key when it comes to keeping house destruction from becoming an issue.

Provide Toys

Toys to keep your beloved pet entertained can be a great way to prevent them from wreaking havoc on your home. A variety of interactive and chewing toys can play an important role in providing them with an outlet for their natural behavior while deterring destructive activities. 

Not only can they provide mental stimulation and relieve boredom, but they can also save valuable items around the house that might otherwise become torn or chewed. Make sure to monitor your pet’s activities with these types of toys, both for safety reasons and to ensure their interests are sustained by rotating different types of toys. Doing so will keep your pet happy, and your house safe, and may even promote better relationships between you and your four-legged friend!

Exhaust Them During The Day

Keeping your pets happy and healthy is a great way to prevent them from causing destructive behaviors in the house. One way you can do this is by providing plenty of activities for them. These are the following:

  • exercise 
  • puzzle toys
  • playtime
  • doggy daycare
  • agility course
  • swimming
  • long walks 
  • nature hikes

For example, if you have a cat, investing in some interactive toys such as scratching posts or laser pointers can keep them entertained and mentally stimulated while also providing exercise. Exhausting your pet is a simple but effective way to protect your house from destruction and make sure they remain content and healthy too!

Include Playtime 

One of the most effective strategies to keep pets from destroying the house is to give them ample physical activity. Taking your pup for long walks or playing fetch a few times a day can help to tire them out and reduce their inclination for destructive actions. Just make sure that if your pet does enjoy an occasional chew toy, this doesn’t include anything found in your home! 

Additionally, when introducing new things into their environment, such as furniture or appliances, make sure they have time to explore and feel safe with it before leaving them alone. Providing playtime opportunities is one way you can lower the odds of your pet disrupting the interior of your home.

Use Deterrents 

Every pet owner knows the pains of coming home to find a beloved item destroyed, but thankfully there are ways to prevent it. One way is using deterrents like the “Scat Mat,” a battery-operated mat that emits an electric shock when your furry friend steps on it. Also, using noises and odors to signal “no go” areas can be helpful – you can use items like aluminum foil or leave citrus peels around your furniture and rugs. 

Additionally, rewards for good behavior are always effective – rewarding your pets for positive behaviors with treats or praise reinforces those positive instincts. With some simple deterrents, pet owners can save their homes from becoming their furry friends’ newest scratching post!

Consider Crating 

This method of training takes advantage of your furry friend’s instinct to create a safe den-like place and acclimate them to their environment while they learn the boundaries of acceptable behavior. There are plenty of options available when it comes to creating, from light fabric play cubes to sturdier plastic shells, so it is sure to work for both you and your pet. While this approach may take some extra effort on your part, with careful implementation you should soon find yourself and all members of your household able to cohabit peaceably.


Overall, having pets in the house can be both rewarding and challenging. Taking some time to plan and create proactive ways to curb any bad behaviors is key. Whether it’s hiring extra help or investing in deterrents, finding a balance of what works best for your lifestyle and fur family should be the goal. Cheers to the wonderful Fur friends that fill your life and home with so much joy!

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