120+ Japanese Tiger Names: Japanese Names for a Tiger (with Meanings)

The tiger is one of the most majestic animals in the world. They are known for their strength, power, and grace.

In Japan, they are considered to be a symbol of strength and power.

There are many Japanese names for a tiger that reflect these qualities.

In this blog post, we will list over 120 Japanese tiger names and their meanings.

japanese tiger names

Here are the best Japanese tiger names that include names for both male and female tigers.

Japanese Male Tiger Names

Japanese Male Tiger Names
Isamu Courage
Hibiki Echo
Toshi Wise
Hikaru Radiance
Tomi Prosperous
Katashi Firm
Kenta Big and strong
Yuzuki Gentle moon
Haruki Shining Sun
Minoru Truth
Ryu Dragon
Hiroshi Generous
Thunder and lightning
Kaito Supportive
Takeo Warrior Hero
Even -tempered
Akemi Beautiful dawn
Kouki Light or hope
Nobu Faith
Kunio Country man
Yasushi Peace
Homare Honor
Yori Trust
Mitsuo Shining hero
Japanese Warrior
Ninjutsu master
Kiyoshi Purity
Akio Glorious man
Daiki Great nobility
Satoru Daybreak
Harmonious person
Yoshio Joyful life
Riku Wise sky
Ren Love
Katsuro Victorious son
Man on a journey
Norio Man of law

Japanese Female Tiger Names

Japanese Female Tiger Names
Cherry blossom
Kichi Fortunate
Mitsu Light
Izumi Fountain
Beautiful blessing
Ayame Iris
Rin Dignified
Yua Binding love
Hoshi Star
Hina Sun
Suzu Bell
Yuka Gentle flower
Respectful child
Aia Ruler
Hime Princess
Child of the forest
Kayda Little dragon
Haru Spring
Shinju Pearl
Ichika Gift
Nanami Seven Seas
Maiko Child of dance
Riko Child of truth
Takara Treasure
Tomomi Beautiful friend
Yoko Sunlight
Setsuko Melody child
Jin Tender
Midori Green
Satoko Wise child
Child of wisdom
Junko Pure
Kimiko Empress child
Yasuko Child of peace
Mai Dance
Nakano Female warrior
Miku Beautiful sky
Tomoko Intellect
Arisu Noble

Japanese White Tiger Names

Japanese White Tiger Names
Gin Silvery
Miyuki Beautiful snow
Akari Light
Kiri Fog
Fuyu Winter
Tsurana Icicle
Yurei Ghost or Spirit
Miruku Milk
Yuri Lily
Deiji Daisy
Sunoboru Snowball
Kitsune White fox
Yukiko Snow child
Akira Bright
Zoge Ivory
Reiki Chill or cold
Kumo Cloud
Shimo Frost
Kori Ice
Misuto Mist
Yuki Snow
Iguru Igloo
Fuyuko Winter child
Tenshi Angel
Awai Pale
Mashiro Pure White

For other name ideas, check our complete list of white tiger names.

Japanese Bengal Tiger Names

Japanese Bengal Tiger Names
Koraru Coral
Kōkai Red Sea
Moeru Blaze
Red bean paste
Kyou Apricot
Kasai Fire
Sabita Rusty
Aka Red
Aki Autumn
Akahana Red flower
Cheddar cheese
Shinku Crimson
Orenji Orange (color)
Kabocha Pumpkin
Kohaku Amber
Gorudo Gold
Do Copper
Shoga Ginger
Akane Brilliant red
Kaede Maple
Mikan Orange (fruit)
Sweet Red Beans

We’ve also compiled a list of over 220 Bengal tiger names if you need more options to choose from.

How do you like these names? Some are funny, some are more serious sounding, but they all have their own meanings and origins that you might find interesting.

When it comes to naming your new pet tiger, there is no shortage of long-standing traditions or unique cultural practices from which to choose!

You could also get more ideas from our list of famous tiger names.

Which name will be the perfect fit? Tell us in the comment box below.

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