10 Large Rabbit Breeds That Make Great Pets

Large rabbit breeds are perfect for anyone looking to keep a pet bunny that packs a serious punch of cuteness!

Not only do these fluffy bunnies provide plenty of cuddles, but they can also make great show animals or even work as therapy pets.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the largest and most popular rabbits in the world!

Top 10 large rabbit breeds

When it comes to pet rabbits, bigger can be better! Large rabbit breeds are often more gentle, sweet-tempered, and sociable than their smaller counterparts.

With that said, here are 10 large rabbit breeds that make great pets:

1. Flemish Giant

This breed is the largest domestic rabbit breed in existence. They have long ears, soft fur, and calm personalities.

The Flemish Giant is a large breed of rabbit, often compared to the size of a small dog.

Flemish Giants come in several colors including black, blue, fawn, and white. They weigh up to 20 pounds (9 kg) and measure up to 24 inches (60 cm) long!

It’s no wonder they are sometimes referred to as “the gentle giants” – they can easily be mistaken for a small pet dog when hopping around the house.

Do keep in account the cost of raising a rabbit as such large breeds need more care when it comes to grooming or food.

They are also easy to care for and have a very calm disposition – perfect for those looking for a low-maintenance cuddly companion!

2. English Lop

Another large breed with an adult weight of around 10-14 pounds. They have a gentle and calm temperament, which makes them ideal pets for adults and children alike.

The English Lop is a breed of large giant rabbit that has been around since the mid-1800s.

Originally bred in England, it was developed as a show rabbit, and it remains popular with breeders today. This breed is known for its distinctive lop ears, which are much longer than those of other breeds.

The English Lop can live up to 8 years when cared for properly, making them a long-term commitment if you’re looking for a pet rabbit.

3. Checkered Giant

The Checkered Giant rabbit is a large breed of rabbit with a unique appearance. It has an expressive face, big ears, and distinctive black-and-white markings.

These giant rabbits have bodies that reach up to 20 inches long and can weigh upwards of 12–15 pounds!

Their fur is thick and dense, soft to the touch, and their markings are a combination of white with gray or black spots called ‘checks’.

While these rabbits need regular grooming to prevent dirt and debris from matting their fur, they are known as one of the best breeds for show animals due to their consistent coloring.

4. American Fuzzy Lop

This is the largest of all giant rabbit breeds. This breed may look a little intimidating with its long ears and heavy coat.

Despite their larger size, they remain relatively low maintenance compared to other pet rabbits; although they do require regular brushing to prevent their coats from becoming matted.

In terms of size, the American Fuzzy Lop can weigh anywhere from 4 to 8 pounds depending on gender (males tend to be slightly larger than females).

They have short legs that are relatively sturdy for their size, allowing them to explore and climb without causing any damage to furniture or floors.

5. French Lop

The French lop is similar to the English lop but slightly larger with an adult weight of up to 20 lbs.

Despite their size, they make wonderful house rabbits with sweet personalities that are often quite affectionate.

The French Lop is a large and lovable giant rabbit breed. It’s one of the oldest breeds, having been around for at least 200 years!

This breed is known for its velvety fur, floppy ears, and friendly demeanor.

They come in a variety of colors (including black, white, gray, blue, and chocolate), and their long ears hang down to the ground when they are standing on all fours.

Grooming is an essential part of caring for these bunnies since their thick coats can easily become matted if not cared for properly.

6. Champagne d’Argent

The Champagne d’Argent breed of large giant rabbit is a hardy breed, with a glossy and dense coat that can come in various colors.

Its floppy ears are rounded at the tips, which adds to its cuteness! It’s one of the oldest known domesticated breeds of rabbits in the world, having originated in France.

They make great companion animals for anyone looking for an intelligent and friendly furry pal. They’re also easy to train due to their intelligence and can even learn tricks as well as commands!

On average, these bunnies weigh between 8 to 10 pounds and can live up to 10 years with the proper care.

7. Giant Chinchilla

The Giant Chinchilla is an impressive-looking breed of a giant rabbit, boasting a luxurious coat and regal stature.

Many people are drawn to this breed for its unique appearance, but it’s also a popular choice because it makes an excellent pet.

These majestic rabbits can weigh up to 12 pounds or more, making them one of the largest breeds available.

Their fur is incredibly soft and almost feels like velvet in texture. It has long guard hair that gives it an especially striking look when groomed properly.

The coloration ranges from white to shades of light gray, often with darker tips at the edges of their ears and feet.

They’re especially eager to please, so they can be trained to do simple commands like “sit” and “come.” They also have good temperaments, making them an easygoing addition to your family.

8. Beveren

The Beveren breed is a giant rabbit breed that dates back to the late 19th century. Originating in Belgium, this breed was developed for its large size and was bred from different varieties of rabbits.

Beverens are usually between 10 to 12 pounds in weight and have long, soft fur that can come in a variety of colors such as black, blue, chocolate, or lilac.

Beverens require very little grooming since they have long fur that does not easily mat. However, regular brushing is still recommended to keep their coats healthy and eliminate any leftover food particles from the rabbit’s fur.

They are also relatively easy to housetrain and can be taught a variety of tricks like other domesticated animals.

9. Palomino

Also known as the Golden Rabbit, this breed has soft fur that can range in color from a light golden to a deep brown. They weigh up to 10 pounds and are very sweet-tempered, making them great family pets!

The Palomino breed is well known for being one of the largest giant rabbit breeds – and rightfully so!

The fur of a Palomino has a golden hue, similar to that of a palomino horse.

Although they may be big in stature, Palominos are typically gentle and docile by nature; they make great pets for children and adults alike.

10. Silver Fox

The Silver Fox is a large rabbit breed and stands out for its striking appearance. The breed was developed in the United States in the early 1900s. It has since become one of the most popular bunny breeds today.

Silver Fox rabbits are known for their very thick, glossy silver-tipped fur which gives them their name. They also have black ticking all over their bodies. They can weigh up to 10 pounds when fully grown and reach an impressive length of up to two feet!


Whether you’re looking for an affectionate companion or just want something bigger than the average rabbit, these large breeds are sure to fit the bill.

You can also give your new bunny giant rabbit names and give them a new identity.

With their calm dispositions, gentle nature, and a wide array of colors and sizes, there’s truly something for everyone!

So if you’ve been considering adding a furry friend to your home, why not pick one of these?

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