14 Lazy Dog Breeds That Like To Sleep But Can Steal Your Heart

Some dog breeds are primarily used for hunting, sports and many others, and they are also known for their loyalty, faith and affection. But, there are some dog breeds that hate working out. These dogs will snooze under the warm and hot sunshine, especially on the comfy sofas or occupy your beds.

Even if these low-energy dog breeds like to snore wherever they are, they won’t fail to win your heart and make you spend your time hugging and sleeping beside them. And here are the top laziest dog breeds that will steal your heart.

If you are looking for name ideas for your lazy puppy, here are some suggestions on lazy dog names to inspire you!

If you prefer the visual experience we hand selected our favorites from this list in this youtube video

#1 Bulldog


This cute family-friendly dog fits the snoozing stereotype. they also love eating, often end up overweight and are lazy. They require exercise to stay healthy, though it’s very difficult to expect them to chase your balls. 

#2 Basset Hound

This affectionate, family-friendly, and small dog breed is a good sniffer but has low stamina. When they are not hunting, they love to cuddle up with the family and hate training and exercise. 

#3 Saint Bernard

This good-natured dog is relaxed, heavy which stops them from being active. They even feel lazy to bark at strangers and prefer to snooze on your laps. But they are good with children that’s why they are considered as the Nanny by many people.

#4 Great Dane

Despite their large size, they are considered lazy dogs that frequently stretch their long legs. They are just as keen to snooze at your feet when their walk is over. 

#5 Mastiff

These dog breeds are good-natured, affectionate and gentle. Contrary to popular belief, these massive dogs are massively laid-back and lazy. As long as they have a place to nap, they’ll be happy.

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