The 20 Least Obedient Large Dog Breeds That You Should Know

Having a dog is everyone’s dream since dogs are known as man’s best friend. Dogs are intelligent, brave, care and loyal to their owner, that’s why every dog’s owners are grateful to have them. But there are some dog breeds that are considered as the least obedient, according to canine psychologist Stanley Coren in his book, The Intelligence Of Dogs. So, here are the 20 least obedient large dog breeds that you should know

If you prefer the visual experience we hand selected our favorites from this list in this youtube video

#1 Boxer

Boxer is a short haired dog breed that was developed in Germany. Boxers are bright, energetic and playful dogs and tend to be friendly with children. 

#2 Great Pyrenees

The great Pyrenees originated from the Pyrenees Mountains of the France side. They are known independent and protective dog breeds even though they are considered as smart. 

#3 Saluki

Most dog breeds hunt by the scents, but not for Saluki that’s known primarily hunts by sight. They are known for their independent character and may be difficult to train.

#4 Mastiff

Mastiff is short-haired and large that is considered a powerful dog breed. They also need solid training and exercise since they are easily bored and destructive. 

#5 Kuvasz

Kuvasz is primarily for guardian dogs even though now can be found in homes as pets. But training this dog breed can take time and patience since they only respond to gentle approaches. 

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