Lost Pet Prevention Month: 5 Tips on How to Keep Your Pet Safe

Lost Pet Prevention Month

July is recognized as Lost Pet Prevention Month, a period committed to bringing issues to light about the upsetting issue of missing pets and educating pet owners on the most proficient method to prevent it.

Pets are not simply creatures; they are relatives who give friendship, love, and emotional support. The thought of losing them can heart-wrench.

This blog post means to reveal insight into why pets get lost, the measurements of missing pets in the USA, and how you can keep your pet from getting lost.

Why do pets get lost?


Pets can have various purposes behind running off, from something as simple as curiosity to more serious issues like stolen. Here are some of the significant reasons:

Escaping from the yard

Escaping from the yard is a typical reason why pets get lost.

Regardless of whether your pet is well-behaved, they might in any case find ways of getting away from their yard or walled-in areas; for instance, digging under or jumping over walls, biting through rope, or opening locked doors.

Pets can also be scared by loud noises and unfamiliar individuals or creatures that approach the yard, making them bolt away.

Running away from home

Pets might take off from home for various reasons like feeling ignored or scared.

In the event that your pet isn’t used to being distant from everyone else for long periods of time, they might attempt to find it on their way back home whenever left alone without companionship.

Also, noisy noises like thunderstorms or fireworks can frighten pets and lead them to escape in alarm. 

Being stolen

Unfortunately, pet theft is an always developing issue all through the US.

This happens when an individual purposely takes your pet without permission and either keeps them, sells them, or worse.

Stolen pets can be particularly vulnerable to mistreatment and abuse; consequently, it is vital to protect your pet from potential thieves by appropriately protecting its current environment with high fences and locks.

Pets missing in the USA


The prevalence of lost pets in the US is a reason to worry.

Disturbing statistics uncover that a surprising number of more than 10 million dogs and cats are accounted missing annually, meaning a pet disappearing at regular intervals.

Similarly disturbing is the way that only one of every ten lost pets is brought together with their owners, according to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy.

These figures emphasize the criticalness of carrying out preventive measures to protect your pet and limit the risk of them wandering off.

By being proactive and avoiding potential risk, you can extraordinarily build the possibilities of keeping your beloved companion completely safe.

How to prevent your pet from getting lost


The most ideal way to protect your pet from getting lost is to take preventative measures. Here are a few basic steps you can take to reduce the risks of your pet running away or being taken:

Secure their environment

The primary thing you can do to keep your pet safe is to secure the environment.

This includes ensuring that your pet’s yard or outdoor area is properly fenced areas with, and utilizing locks to hold them back from getting away.

Also, make sure to close all doors and windows in the house to avoid any potential escapes.

Microchip your pet

Microchipping is an effective and reasonable method for increasing the possibility of being brought together with a lost pet.

A microchip embed is a minuscule chip, more modest than a grain of rice, that is embedded underneath the skin between the shoulder bones of your pet.

This chip stores data like your contact skin, allowing veterinary staff and animal organizations to quickly distinguish the owner assuming your pet is found.

Furthermore, make certain to stay up-to-date with the database in the event that it should be gotten to.

Keep them on a leash

Keeping your pet on a leash is crucial when they are outside, especially in new spots.

This will keep them from taking off when they become frightened or curious.

Also, try not to take your pet off-leash in areas with heavy traffic or large crowds as it increases the risk of them vanishing into the crowd.

Secure your home

Your pet’s safety isn’t simply restricted to outdoor activities.

It is vital to do whatever it may take to guarantee that your home and garden are secured against any expected intruders or escapees.

This includes keeping windows and doors shut, installing robber-proof locks on doors and fences, and using motion detector lights around the edge of your home.

Moreover, it is critical to be alert and aware of any suspicious activity nearby.


At last, training your pet is an important step in keeping them from getting lost.

Showing them basic commands like “stay” and “come” will help them with understanding what you expect of them when all over town.

Furthermore, teaching recall commands can be very useful assuming that your pet at any point moves excessively far away from you and is at risk for running away.

By following these simple steps, you can help with guaranteeing the safety of your beloved pet and reduce the possibility of them disappearing.

However, assuming the most terrible ought to occur and your pet gets lost, it is critical to act quickly to increase the possibilities of a get-together.

  • Contacting local animal shelters
  • Placing posters around town
  • And utilizing social media can be an effective way to spread the word and increase awareness.

With a little bit of preparation, you can help ensure the safety of your pet and reduce the risk of them getting lost.


Lost Pet Prevention Month is an important event that leads us to reflect on the actions we can make to protect our dearest pets.

By looking into the explanations for pets getting lost and proactively carrying out protection measures, we have the ability to have a tremendous effect and decrease the number of missing pets every year.

It is our commitment as pet owners to focus on the prosperity and security of our furry companions.

Let us unite in our efforts to keep them secure and give them enough love and care.

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