Mutts of Terrains: 6 Mountain Dog Breeds That Deserve a Hike

Mountain dog breeds

Mountain dogs have been bred for centuries to live and work in rugged, mountainous terrain.

They are typically large and powerful breeds that can cover a lot of ground quickly. Some popular mountain dog breeds include Saint Bernard, the Great Pyrenees, and the Anatolian Shepherd.

These dogs are often used for avalanche rescue and other mountain-related tasks due to their size and strength.

Mountain dogs are typically loyal, hardworking, and intelligent breeds that make great companions for active people.

If you’re looking for a dog that can keep up with your adventurous lifestyle then here are a few mutts that you should check out!

Bernese Mountain Dog

Mountain dog breeds

This dog breed originates from the Swiss Alps. The breed was originally used for herding and guarding livestock, but today they are primarily kept as pets.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are large dogs, with males typically weighing between 80 and 120 pounds (36 and 54 kg).

Bernese Mountain Dogs have a tri-colored coat, with black, rust, and white markings.

They are gentle giants, known for being loyal and affectionate towards their families.

Bernese Mountain Dogs make great companions, but they do require regular exercise and plenty of space to run around.

Saint Bernard

Mountain dog breeds

Saint Bernard is a large, powerful dog breed originally bred for rescue work in the Swiss Alps.

Also known as the Saint Bernhardshund or Alpine Mastiff, Saint Bernard is a giant of a dog, with males standing up to 30 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing upwards of 200 pounds.

Despite their size, Saint Bernards are gentle giants, known for their calm dispositions and loving nature. They make great family pets, although they do require plenty of exercise and space to run.

The history of the Saint Bernard breed is shrouded in legend.

One popular story claims that the dogs were originally bred by monks at the Hospice Saint Bernard, a mountain refuge for travelers in the Swiss Alps.

The monks supposedly used the dogs to help rescue people who had become lost or injured in the snow-covered mountains.

Today, Saint Bernard is no longer used for rescue work, but they remain popular pets and show dogs. They are also still used for herding in some parts of the world.

Great Pyrenees

Mountain dog breeds

The Great Pyrenees is a massive dog breed that was originally bred to protect sheep in the mountains of France.

These dogs are known for their thick, fluffy coats and their gentle, loving dispositions.

Great Pyrenees are loyal and protective of their families, but they are also very calm and patient dogs.

They make great companions for active people who enjoy spending time outdoors.

Great Pyrenees are one of the largest breeds of dogs, and they can weigh up to 150 pounds.

They have thick, double coats that keep them warm in cold weather and protect them from the elements. Great Pyrenees are also known for being very good swimmers.


Mountain dog breeds

Newfoundland dogs are often called “gentle giants” because of their large size and calm demeanor.

They originally come from the island of Newfoundland in Canada, where they were used as working dogs on fishing boats and in other jobs.

Today, they are popular pets and companions all over the world.

Newfoundlands are large dogs, with males weighing up to 150 pounds and females up to 120 pounds.

They have thick, water-resistant coats that can be black, brown, gray, or white (or a combination of these colors).

They are known for being very good swimmers and have webbed feet to help them move through the water.

Newfoundlands are loyal and loving dogs who make great family pets.

They are patient with children and get along well with other animals.

They are also known for being very smart, and for their ability to learn new tricks quickly.

Tibetan Mastiff

Mountain dog breeds

These dogs are actually quite versatile and can do well in a variety of environments.

They are large and strong, making them excellent guardians. These breeds are very independent, which can make them a challenge to train.

Males can weigh up to 160 pounds and females can weigh up to 120 pounds. They need plenty of space to run and play.

Tibetan Mastiffs are independent dogs. They’re not the type of dog that will want to cuddle on the couch with you all day.

They’re more likely to be off exploring or guarding their territory.

They are protective dogs. This is what they were originally bred for.

They’ll want to protect their family and home from anything they perceive as a threat.

This can make them good watchdogs. It also means they may not do well around other animals or small children.


Mountain dog breeds

This mountain dog hails from Hungary.

These pups were bred to be loyal, loving companions and they are just that! Kuvasz is also a great watchdog, as they are very protective of their families.

These dogs are large, with males averaging about 28 inches tall and females around 26 inches.

They have a thick, double coat that is white or ivory in color.

The Kuvasz’s coat is water-resistant and sheds very little, making them a good choice for people with allergies.

Kuvasz is an intelligent and independent dog.

They need firm, consistent training, and socialization from an early age. Without these things, they can become stubborn and aloof.

Kuvasz is a gentle, loving dog that makes a great family pet.

If you have this breed then you can check out the best Kuvasz dog names for your pup.


There are many different mountain dog breeds, each with its own unique history, appearance, and personality.

All three of these breeds are excellent working dogs. They also make great family pets.

If you’re looking for a loyal and loving companion, consider adopting one of these wonderful mountain dog breeds.

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