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National Alaskan Malamute Day: How to Celebrate National this Day with Your Pet?

National Alaskan Malamute Day

National Alaskan Malamute Day is celebrated annually on January 7th. In 2020, the Woof Book Group established the holiday to commemorate the history of the breed.

It is a celebration dedicated to honouring the Alaskan Malamute dog breed. Originating from the resourceful breeding practices of the Inuit people in Alaska, these dogs were initially developed to assist in transportation and hunting tasks.

Renowned for their robust strength, remarkable endurance, unmatched dominance, and unwavering loyalty, Alaskan Malamutes are frequently employed as working dogs in frigid climates.

National Alaskan Malamute Day presents a wonderful chance to delve deeper into the distinctive traits and virtues of the Alaskan Malamute breed.

For those fortunate enough to have these magnificent dogs as companions, commemorating the day can involve dedicating additional quality time to your furry friend—be it through leisurely walks, invigorating runs, or indulging them with extra treats and toys.

Furthermore, this occasion provides an excellent opportunity to enlighten others about the breed, sharing insights into the rich history and unique characteristics that make Alaskan Malamutes truly exceptional.

Fun Facts About Alaskan Malamutes

National Alaskan Malamute Day
  • On April 18, 2010, the Alaskan Malamute earned the distinguished title of the official dog of the 49th state, a recognition owed in part to the efforts of children at Polaris K-12 School in Anchorage.
  • Did you know that affectionate dog enthusiasts often endearingly call the Alaskan Malamute by cute nicknames such as “Mal” or “Mally”?
  • These endearing monikers highlight the affection and closeness that many people feel towards this remarkable breed.
  • The very name “Malamute” finds its origins in the Malamiut Inupiaq people, the community with whom these dogs shared their lives.
  • This historical connection adds a meaningful layer to the identity of the Alaskan Malamute, reflecting its deep-rooted association with the Malamiut Inupiaq people and their cultural heritage.
  • The estimated lifespan of an Alaskan Malamute is typically 10 to 12 years.
  • The Alaskan Malamute and the Siberian Husky share striking similarities, they are often confused due to their comparable appearances. The key distinction lies in their size.
  • The Alaskan Malamute stands approximately 25 inches, whereas the Siberian Husky is slightly smaller at 22 inches.
  • In terms of weight, the Malamute is heavier, with males weighing around 85 pounds and females around 75 pounds.
  • In contrast, the Siberian Husky is generally lighter, with males ranging from 45 to 60 pounds and females from 35 to 50 pounds.
  • These size and weight differences are primary indicators to differentiate between the breeds.

How Can You Make the Most Out of the National Alaskan Malamute Day?

National Alaskan Malamute Day

Planning to make National Alaskan Malamute Day unforgettable, but unsure where to begin? Don’t fret! Here are some excellent tips to point you in the right direction.

Brace yourself for an outstanding time filled with howls. Whether you’re flying solo or with friends, there are numerous ways to honour your four-legged companion.

Spend Quality Time

This January 7th, consider treating your Malamute to an extended stroll or an invigorating run. Regular exercise brings joy to these lively dogs, and the crisp outdoor air will also work wonders for you!

Beyond celebrating, establish a daily routine of walks. You and your furry friend will experience noticeable benefits from this healthy habit. Also, you can buy a dog fitness equipment and let your little pup enjoy amazing health benefits.

Socialize at a Dog Park

Arrange a playdate for your Malamute by bringing them to a nearby dog park to meet new companions. They’ll enjoy the company, and so will you!

It’s a wonderful way to commemorate National Alaskan Malamute Day, and your fluffy companion is bound to express gratitude with plenty of tail-wagging.

Plus, there’s the exciting possibility of encountering other proud Malamute parents during your visit! When you are with your dog, know the tips to stay away from aggressive dogs.

Capture the Moments

Consider organizing a photoshoot for your photogenic Malamute to capture some adorable moments.

Share these charming snapshots on social media to spread the love for Malamutes and raise awareness about this incredible breed.

It’s a delightful way to showcase your furry friend and contribute to the appreciation of Alaskan Malamutes.

Indulge in Homemade Treats

Indulge your furry companion by baking some special treats.

Turn it into a baking day, letting the sweet aroma fill your kitchen and keeping your pup curious and salivating.

Online, you can discover a variety of healthy recipes to pamper your dog with delightful and nutritious treats.

It’s a rewarding way to show your appreciation for your canine friends while ensuring they enjoy delicious, homemade goodies.

Tips for Keeping Your Alaskan Malamute Healthy & Safe

National Alaskan Malamute Day

As a devoted pet parent, prioritizing your pup’s health and safety is paramount. If you find yourself unsure about where to begin, we’ve compiled some essential tips to help you kickstart your journey.

Choosing the Right Food

Emphasizing good nutrition is crucial, and it’s essential to recognize that dogs at various life stages have distinct dietary needs.

Choose a balanced diet like pumpkin which is tailored to your Malamute’s specific requirements, considering factors such as age, weight, and activity level.

For personalized guidance, consult with your vet to ensure you provide the best possible nutrition for your furry friend.

Regular Exercise

Alaskan Malamutes thrive on their daily dose of physical activity, and fortunately, there are various ways to fulfill this need.

Regular walks, engaging playtime, and mental stimulation all contribute to keeping your Alaskan Malamute in good shape and content.

Mixing these activities ensures a well-rounded approach to meeting your furry friend’s exercise requirements.

Grooming Essentials

Maintaining the thick coats of Alaskan Malamutes requires regular grooming. It’s essential to brush them at least once a week to keep them looking their best.

Additionally, bathing your Alaskan Malamute every few weeks is crucial.

If your furry friend participates in dog shows, weekly baths are necessary. However, for regular care, bath every 6 to 8 weeks is generally sufficient to keep them clean and healthy.

Health Check-ups

Routine veterinary visits play a vital role in keeping your Malamute in top-notch condition. Early detection of potential health issues can prevent more significant problems in the future.

Alaskan Malamutes are prone to hip and eye troubles, as well as polyneuropathy, so it’s important to check for these issues early and consistently for optimal wellness.

Regular consultations with your vet contribute to the overall health and well-being of your furry companion.


National Alaskan Malamute Day transcends being just another date on the calendar.

It’s a moment to express our admiration for a breed that has evolved beyond a mere helper in human survival; it has become a cherished friend.

Whether you own an Alaskan Malamute or simply appreciate them from a distance, make sure to mark January 7th on your calendar.

It’s a golden opportunity to celebrate and recognize all the unique qualities that make this breed truly one-of-a-kind.


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