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National Drink Wine with Your Cat Week

National Drink Wine with Your Cat Week

When it comes to holidays, Christmas and New Year have always held top spots on our favourites list.

However, we recently uncovered a delightful surprise – it’s officially National Drink Wine with Your Cat Week on Feb 18! 

While sharing a glass of wine with your feline friend might sound like a fun idea, it’s important to note that serving your cat regular wine meant for humans can be hazardous.

Alcohol consumption poses risks for any pet, so let’s prioritize their safety and find alternative ways to celebrate this unique week together.”

Fortunately, there’s a solution – cat wine! It’s a non-alcoholic beverage specially crafted for kitties, resembling the appearance of wine but made with catnip, fish oil, and beet juice.

Now you and Fluffy can safely raise a toast to each other during this National Drink Wine with Your Cat Week, enjoying a unique and feline-friendly celebration together.

What is National Drink Wine with Your Cat Week?

National Drink Wine with Your Cat Week

While National Drink Wine with Your Cat Week may carry the name ‘wine,’ it’s more of a playful marketing twist. Rest assured, it’s alcohol-free, grape-free, and typically formulated to promote the health of our feline friends.

Even if you just adopted a new cat and want to give a nice name, then you can try out some of the alcohol inspired cat names and make your companion unique. 

Concerned about cats getting drunk on cat wine? Fear not! Cat wines often incorporate catnip to mimic the effects of alcohol, providing a light-hearted experience for your feline companion.

Enjoy the pun-filled world of cat wines with brands like ‘pinot meow’ and ‘purrgundy,’ ensuring a whimsical and safe treat for your furry friend.

While cat wine is safe for feline consumption, we wouldn’t recommend it for humans.

Cat wine is crafted to appeal to the taste buds of cats, not humans, with ingredients like catnip and fish oil that may not be particularly palatable for people.

So, it’s best to leave this special treat for your feline friend and stick to traditional beverages designed for human enjoyment.

What to Consider While National Drink Wine with Your Cat Week?

National Drink Wine with Your Cat Week

Beware of Unfamiliar or Unattended Drinks

Cats cannot consume human-grade alcohol, and while pet wine offers a fun alternative, it’s crucial to ensure their safety.

Teach your furry friend, like Simba, that the only acceptable drinks are those that have never been left unattended. Prioritize their well-being by keeping potentially harmful beverages out of their reach

Even Cats Need to Learn Their Limit

When you and Felix reach your third glasses of wine and he exhibits signs of irritability or aggression, it’s important to discuss drinking limits.

Behaviour changes under extreme intoxication could indicate potential issues with alcohol consumption, and it’s worth addressing with your favourite little buddy.

While they might not have a problem ‘right meow,’ it’s essential to recognize the possibility of future concerns and take proactive steps to ensure their well-being

Stay Hydrated

Just as it’s advisable for humans to pace their drinking with a glass of water in between, the same goes for little Buffy, i.e., stay hydrated.

Ensure that your furry friend spaces out their drinks, preventing them from getting too intoxicated too quickly and potentially behaving inappropriately in mixed company.

Responsible pet enjoyment is key to a safe and enjoyable experience for both you and your beloved companion.

Teach Them to Stand Up to Peer Pressure

Once young Indy understands his limits, it’s wise to have a conversation about drinking outside the home.

Emphasize to him that it’s never acceptable for anyone, regardless of species, to pressure him into drinking more than he’s comfortable with.

In such situations, advise him to prioritize his safety and use services to get home.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and fostering responsible decision-making ensures a positive and secure drinking experience.

Plan Ahead and Drink Responsibly

If you and Oscar are gearing up for the next level of drinking, it’s crucial to plan ahead.

There’s nothing more unsettling than a drunk cat (or human) deciding halfway through a bar crawl that they want to leave.

Ensure a smoother experience by planning the outing in advance, making arrangements for transportation, and setting clear expectations to avoid any unexpected twists in your night out.

Is Cat Wine Safe for Cats?

Cat wine adds a playful touch to your feline friend’s experience, but is it safe for cats? Generally, brands prioritize the safety of their products for feline consumption.

Cat wines often consist of organic ingredients, typically a blend of filtered water, catnip extract, and natural colourings.

While some brands, like Pet Winery, may include sodium benzoate as a preservative – which can be toxic to cats in high doses – it’s important to note that cat wines use only small amounts of this preservative, ensuring it remains non-toxic for your beloved fur-baby.

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