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Pets Plus Donates More Than 1,000 Dog Meals to the Bemidji Community

In Bemidji, Minnesota, the pet store Pets Plus has donated more than 1,000 different dog meals to the Bemidji Community Food Shelf.

The pet store has been donating pet food to local charities and organizations since 2002.

They have donated pet food for animals such as dogs and cats waiting for adoption from animal shelters or being fostered by rescue groups.

Food Donations For A Cause

Pets Plus in Bemidji recently donated more than 1,000 different dog meals to the Bemidji Community Food Shelf.

This was made possible when the store launched a social media promotion to collect pet food donations from the community.

510 entries were submitted in the online event, and Pets Plus decided to match each with its own, raising the total to more than 1,000 meals.

“We used name brand dog food for this giveaway to ensure each dog was provided with a good, nutritious meal for the holidays,” Pet Plus said in the release.

“To be able to donate 1,000 different dog meals to the food shelf and feed local dogs with our community’s involvement and support is unbelievable.”

At the end of the day, even a single meal donated is a step in the right direction and will keep a dog from going hungry.”

Pets Plus has given six pallets of dog food, four pallets of treats, and half a pallet of supplements to ensure that dogs in the surrounding area are fed and well-nourished.

PetPlus dog food donation
Ed Burger of the Bemidji Community Food Shelf receives a donation from Christopher Joy of Pets Plus, that will help feed more than 1,000 dogs (Source:

Pet Plus’ amazing act of generosity will help feed hungry pets in the community back in the holiday season when they feel most vulnerable.

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