Everything You Need to Know About Silver Grey Dorking Chicken Breed

If you’re looking for a unique chicken breed to add to your flock, the Silver Grey Dorking is a great option! These chickens are known for their friendly personalities and beautiful plumage.

silver grey dorkings

In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about Silver Grey Dorking chickens, including their history, temperament, and care requirements. So if you’re thinking of adding a Silver Grey Dorking to your backyard chicken coop, keep reading!

Where Do Silver Grey Dorkings Come From?

This chicken breed is named after the town of Dorking in England, where it originated. Beyond this, we have no information regarding its origin.

However, we do know that it is among the oldest, if not the oldest, chicken breeds in the country.

Where Does SIlver Grey Dorkings Come From?

A Roman writer, Columella, described a square short-legged five-toed chicken brought to Britain by the Legions of Julius Caesar in 54 BCE. We think they were developed and prized as excellent table fowls, particularly in the South of England.

Dorking Breed Qualities

Dorking Breed Qualities
  • They are a white-skinned meat breed, although they lay fair white round eggs.
  • They’re a high-class favorite for their delectable white meat and have been since ancient times. They are frequently in the top three in taste tests of heritage chicken.
  • The lengthy brick-shaped body implies there’s a lot of meat on each bird. Because of the length and curvature of the breast, they are simpler to consume intact than breasted out.
  • These docile birds are a great choice for raising your own meat.
  • They don’t consume much food as a meat breed, so growth isn’t rapid.
  • You can save money on food because they forage for the majority of their needs—free-ranging or within a big secure electric poultry netting zone.

Dorking Chickens Size

The Dorking is a large, meaty chicken weighing in at around 8 pounds. Even though they have tiny legs, because of their compact stature, they are very meaty.

Dorking Chickens Size

The Dorking is described as having a long back and a broad breast, but some people will call it a boxy breed.

Silver Grey Dorking Temperament

Silver Grey Dorking Temperament
  • They are docile, quiet, and tranquil. They make a low, mewing sound while feeding and are content.
  • They can be quiet and shy, but they are simple to handle. Simply stroking them after a few times may be enough to tame them.
  • Near the very bottom of the pecking order: They’re typically near the bottom of the pecking order in mixed breed coops, but they can still roost high. Roosters are easily intimidated by their little stature and must be closely watched when possible or housed separately.
  • They’re said to sit on eggs and brood young birds, making them excellent mothers.

Is This Breed For You?

Despite their size and active disposition, these big chickens are extremely friendly and docile. The only issue is that they don’t get along with other chicken breeds as well. Other, more robust chicken breeds are permitted to walk all over the Dorking chickens.

Is this breed for you?

You’ll probably discover that your other chickens bully your Silver Grey Dorkings. So, either keep all of the Dorking Chickens or choose one of the various breeds that get along well with them.

Care Tips For Silver Grey Dorkings

The Dorking Chicken has a single comb, which makes it unsuitable for cold temperatures.

Unless you take some action to protect the comb, the chicken will be excruciatingly uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you choose a white Dorking Chicken, this won’t be an issue because it has a rose comb.

This is a chicken that will require a lot of room to rove about. This is a chicken breed that performs best when it is let out ‘free-range.’

Care Tips For Silver Grey Dorkings

A Dorking is an excellent choice. When it comes to Dorkings, people who adore the breed should embrace them.

The Dorking rooster and chicken are a versatile breed. This breed is particularly wonderful, so it would be a shame if it went extinct. If you also plan to get one or actually have one Dorkling chick, don’t forget to give them the best chicken name which should fit their unique features. 

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