25 pugs have been stolen from a dog breeder in New Zealand and alleged to a puppy farm


A pug breeder in Taumarunui, New Zealand, is being investigated for animal welfare concerns. After breaking into the property, an animal rights advocate removed 25 dogs.

The pugs were given to HUHA, but police have instructed them to give back the dogs. They’re seen here living in cages in this footage, which was provided to Newshub, and it’s understood to be part of the breeder’s property.

The individual who took the pugs said that they were kept in cages with rotting wood, which was coated in excrement, tiny cages, ragged wire, simply terrified dogs crammed into small crate-style cages like battery hens, according to them.

“I opened the cages and collected the dogs, I put them in my vehicle basically.”

Taumarunui breeder Sally Chitty, who HUHA claims is operating a “puppy farm,” owns the dogs.

It claims she has sold 61 litter in the previous three years.

There were more than 100 dogs on the premises, but there were also pigs and cats that bred there.

Carolyn Press-McKenzie, HUHA founder

Police visited the property in June to follow up on animal welfare allegations, and say they’ll continue investigating.

However, because the dogs were stolen rather than officially seized by the SPCA – police have ordered HUHA to return the dogs to the breeder – HUHA claims that Chitty shouldn’t be breeding animals like this.

“Any reputable breeder would be producing puppies from parents who do not possess this severe amount of disease,” Lizzy Eden said. “So, nobody should have a business like that – but people do.”

Sally Chitty is well-known throughout Taumarunui as a breeder of small animals including Pugs and French Bulldogs.

The dogs are sold online and at breeding shows across the country. She was unavailable for an interview with Newshub.

The owner of the pugs refused to speak with Newshub, claiming her lawyer and the police advised her against it.

Police confirmed an investigation is underway and that they are unable to comment further until it has concluded.

The Ruapehu District Council says it has received six complaints about Chitty in the last year, and that it has been “attempting to work with her.”

The SPCA has also inspected the property, but because an investigation is underway they are unable to comment.

For the time being, HUHA’s stolen dogs are still in a warehouse in Palmerston North. The group is currently fundraising to cover the costs of looking after them.

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