Does my cat love me? Here are the signs that your cat loves you


If you’re a cat owner, you’ve undoubtedly wondered if your cat loves you.

Does she give you those big, soulful eyes when she sees you? Does she rub her body against yours? Does she come running when you call her name?

If so, it’s likely that your cat does indeed love you.

But how do we know for sure? After all, cats are famously independent creatures who often do what they please. So don’t take my word for it – here are the top 10 signs your cat loves you!

Signs Your Cat Loves You

While cats can’t say “I love you” as people do, they express their affection for us in other ways. Here are ten signs that show how much your cat loves you:

1. She rubs up against you with her cheek or head.

Cats have scent glands on their faces. When they rub against you, scent glands on their cheeks deposit a time-released oil that tells other animals “this is my human.” In addition, cats may also give us a face hug as a way of getting close to us.

2. She brings you gifts from her kills

Dead rodents and birds. This can be very cute at first, but your cat may be showing you what she can kill if left out unsupervised.

3. She comes to you when you call her name.

This means that she’s listening to you when you call him/her with the pet cat names, which means that either she trusts you or is fascinated by the sound of your voice!

4. She brings home presents for you.

This can be a dead mouse, bird, lizard or another animal she finds outside – and wants you to appreciate.

5. She wakes you up during the night by pacing and meowing.

A cat may do this if she’s distressed because another animal is in her territory or because she doesn’t want to share your attention with another family member.

6. She greets you after a long day at work and acts playful and attentive.

Perhaps she’s trying to make up for spending time away from you – or maybe she really was waiting for your return!

7. She seems comfortable if you pick her up, hold her close to your face and talk softly to her.

If your cat seems relaxed and doesn’t try to get away from you, she probably trusts you.

8. She rubs on your leg when you’re cooking so that you’ll pay attention to her and give her some food or petting.

Your cat may also be saying “thank you” for sharing your meals with her in the past.

9. She looks at you with wide, open eyes.

If you notice your cat’s pupils are dilated when she’s around you, it usually means that she loves and trusts you.

10. She curls up next to you while you read or watch TV on the couch.

Your cat may do this because she wants to be as close to you as possible—or she may be taking advantage of the warmth of your body to keep herself warm!

How can I get my cat to love me more?


Your cat loves you because you provide her with food, shelter and veterinary care.

You may be able to get your feline friend to show you even more affection by playing with her on a daily basis.

Try using different toys, like fishing pole-type cat toys or laser pointers to get her moving about. You can even spray water from a plant mister at her if she seems interested!

If you want your cat to stop doing something that bothers you, then you need to teach her an alternative behavior.

If your feline friend meows at you for attention, then ignore her until she stops meowing and/or head-butts your leg. Then give her a treat as a reward for displaying the desired behavior.

How can I show my cat that I love him?

Just like with people, cats need to feel safe and comfortable in order to make it clear that they love you.

Try to make his favorite spots – like a high shelf – feel even more inviting by placing a cat bed or blanket there so that he can relax in peace.

Your cat may also enjoy having a room of his own where he’ll have your undivided attention for an hour or two each day.

It’s important to keep your cat indoors or let him out in a safe, supervised area. Also, make sure that windows are covered to keep your cat from falling or jumping off of balconies and roofs.


Most cats are very affectionate, especially if they’re raised around people. And your cat is likely to have a different style of showing his love for you – so pay attention to his body language and behavior!

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