9 Signs That Your Dog Might Be Sick

The presence of a dog in your home can make you feel special and content since they can easily connect with you through unconditional love and constant activity. You can count on them if you want a loyal servant or a friend to play with. However, like human beings, dogs also have emotions with a sensitive and possessive nature for their owners. This bond helps them communicate with their owners through gestures and postures.

If you have a dog, you know how it feels when they are in pain and suffering. It breaks your heart to see your furry friend distance themselves from you along with developing certain symptoms. However, any kind of uncommon behavior will help you identify whether there is something more serious going on. Therefore, if you want your pet to play with the same energy as before, you need to get treatment for their sickness as soon as possible; you can identify whether they might be unwell through the following symptoms.

1. Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common symptom when your pet is sick. If your pup’s breath seems a bit unusual, then this may be a  sign of dental pain, esophagus reflux, or digestion problems. On the other hand, if your dog puts their paws on its face while having difficulty swallowing and chewing, there is a  possibility of a severe problem that needs to be treated. Therefore, whenever you smell bad breath from your dog’s mouth, remember to make an appointment with the vet immediately. After a checkup, if the reports are problematic, it means your dog is suffering from a severe disease, and you must take measures to cure it in the initial stage.

2. Behavioral Changes

If your dog is going through behavioral changes, it is another critical symptom signifying that they might be sick. For example, if your pet is unusually showing anger, aggression, and alienation, then you need to consult a specialist. There are many different explanations if your dog is behaving differently, like being lazy, disoriented, and dissatisfied, or if they have forgotten their early training. However, not every behavioral change means your pet is physically unhealthy. Sometimes, the problem is due to an unstable mental condition; since dogs are emotionally sensitive, they can get sick if not given the proper attention. Nonetheless, you can efficiently help your dog be its old self again by getting advice from the best pet specialist about how to make your dog happy.

3. Coughing

When your pet starts coughing and sneezing, you will know they are sick and require medical assistance. These are the usual cold symptoms, but only a vet can determine if the illness is due to windpipe blockage, influenza, stress, kennel cough, respiratory problem, or heart disease. However, you can only know about your pet’s disease in detail after consulting with a veterinarian.

4. Unusual Eating Patterns

When they get sick, most dogs stop eating, even refusing to eat their favorite treats. This is why if you observe your pet showing symptoms of a lack of appetite, fatigue, sneezing, and coughing, you need to take your pet to the vet. On the other hand, if you are going through a dog not eating situation, there might be several significant reasons. These may include an upset stomach, dental issues, spoiled or poor food quality, medical issues, behavioral issues, depression, age, new surroundings, and so on. So, to really pinpoint the right problem, you need to take your pet for regular routine checkups.

5. Diarrhea 

Another symptom you need to be aware of when caring for your dog is if they start to have diarrhea. This is why it’s so important that you stay aware of their stool to understand when it’s not normal. Even though every dog suffers from diarrhea at some point in its life, in some cases it can be considered normal, especially if they’ve eaten something they shouldn’t have. However, if there is consistent diarrhea, it might be worrisome since there may be parasites in your dog’s stomach or dietary indiscretion caused by eating unhealthy food.

6. The Color of Your Dog’s Gums 

If you find that your pet’s gums have changed color, there are two cases that might be the cause. Firstly, the dog might be going through stress and trauma since pale gums and tongue indicate that your pup might be in shock. Secondly, it can be an indicator that they might be suffering from irregular dental disorders.

7. Itching, Scratching, and Licking

It’s understood that dogs naturally do all of these things out of habit, but you do have to keep a close eye in case it is an indication of an underlying issue. However, hair fall, itching, licking, and scratching indicate that there might be parasitic insects in the dog’s hair that make them scratch. The best way to understand your dog’s habits to be able to tell when something is wrong is to have them groomed on a regular basis.

8. An Increase in Drinking Water and Urination

You must get your dog checked whenever you feel that they have an irregular need to use the bathroom due to extra drinking. Subsequently, this is a sign of hormonal imbalance that dogs go through when they require more water and extra urination. These changes are more applicable to older pets than younger ones.

9. If Your Dog is Getting Old

With aging, dogs also become weaker and are more susceptible to getting sick. Like humans, dogs are at risk of also feeling bored, tired, and unwell as they age. The older a dog is, the more feeble it can become. Lethargy is the cause of many diseases in dogs; for example, canine distemper, a lethal virus, heartworm caused by mosquito or insect bites, canine liver cancer, and other heart diseases like high blood pressure.

If your dog is hiding from you more often than usual and is becoming lazier with behavioral changes, then chances are they may be suffering from physical or mental sickness. Since dogs cannot speak, they convey their message through gestures instead, especially through their eyes. Therefore, you need to look for the signs that indicate their illness and ensure they get effective treatment.

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