Meet the Singaporean celebrity pet influencers

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Singaporean couple holds up a treat and snaps a photo of their two fluffy white terriers wearing neckerchiefs for the dogs’ tens of thousands of Instagram followers as they pant quietly.

They are among an increasing number of pet influencers on social media in Singapore, which has been fueled by a boost in internet shopping and pet ownership during the

Sasha and Piper, two fluffy white terriers with neckerchiefs who are represented by an agency, have made thousands of dollars advertising everything from vacuum cleaners to shoes, and they’re delighted to do it.

They’re among Singapore’s growing number of pet influencers on social media, a trend driven by the pandemic of the coronavirus.

The firm has collaborated with a variety of animals, including Brossy Meowington, a cat with more than 50,000 followers, and a Japanese Spitz named Luna.

When Carrie Er’s daughter Sasha and her friend Piper began playing dress-up several years ago, the owner became inspired to start sharing photos of her dog in various costumes.

“We just wanted to do a daily blog of her, capturing some precious moments like her beautiful face and her activities,” said Er, a marketing manager in her 40s.

However, the photos attracted a lot of attention online, with businesses asking if Sasha would promote their goods. Piper, a former show dog, joined the group later on. “

According to Jane Peh, co-founder of The Woof Agency that represents Er’s terriers, there has been an increasing demand for pet influencer endorsements as businesses increased their online presence during the epidemic.

“When you get sick, you will probably go online. When I want to buy something for my dog or gifts for my friends with dogs, I can look on Facebook and Instagram for those products,” she said.

If the influencer is not just a pet but their lifestyle as well, it makes sense that they have pet influencers promoting pet products

Although influencer marketing has been around for a while, industry experts said companies are opening their purse strings more readily in the coronavirus era.

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“It is still evolving,” said Erna Loh, who founded marketing agency Dogma Consulting Group. “We need to look at how this develops differently from regular influencer marketing

“I believe that pet influencers have an edge because we all love animals,” Peh explained. “They’re adorable; you can’t despise them.”

Pet influencers can receive anything from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the number of followers and the type of pet.

The rates can range from about $150 for a cat with 5,000 followers to around $15,000 for Sasha and Piper.

There are also opportunities to collaborate on product launches and crowd-funding campaigns.

“Businesses will even change their products depending on the pet influencer they choose,” Peh said. “Sasha has been

The government is investing in developing social media trends and memes in order to mitigate efforts by other nations to influence Singaporean culture and politics. Furthermore, there’s been an increase in cyberbullying which

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