4 Super Powers Dogs Have But Humans Don’t

Super powers dogs have but humans dont

The bond between humans and dogs has existed for thousands of years, with our canine companions routinely demonstrating incredible feats of intelligence, loyalty, and affection.

But while all dog owners are familiar with the amazing abilities of their furry friends, few realize that certain breeds have been endowed with abilities that go beyond those of the average pet.

In this article, we will explore the incredible abilities of these special pups and discover the extraordinary powers they have, but humans don’t.

Sharp Senses


Dogs have an incredible advantage over humans in the realm of sensory perception.

Dogs’ superior sense of smell 

Dogs have an incredible advantage over humans regarding their sense of smell.

Their noses contain millions more scent receptors than ours, allowing them to detect even the faintest odors we would never be able to pick up on.

This heightened sense of smell can help dogs track down lost objects or people, as well as detect food, drugs, and explosives.

They can also use it to detect medical conditions in humans or animals, such as cancer and diabetes.

With their noses, dogs can pick up on changes in our body chemistry that may indicate signs of stress or fear, making them incredibly adept at reading our emotions.

Dogs’ superior hearing capabilities

In addition to their sharp sense of smell, dogs are also blessed with an impressive set of ears.

Their hearing range extends well beyond our own, allowing them to detect sounds we can’t even hear.

This can be useful in several situations, from locating prey on a hunt to recognizing the unique sound of their owner’s voice from a distance.

Dogs’ hearing also allows them to pick up on subtle environmental changes, such as the sound of an approaching car or a distant intruder.

Dogs’ amazing night vision

Another ability that sets dogs apart is their remarkable night vision.

Thanks to a special light-sensitive membrane located at the back of their eyes, dogs can see in the dark about six times better than humans.

This gives them an advantage when it comes to activities such as hunting and agility sports, where they must be able to navigate complex obstacles without the aid of artificial light.

Dogs’ ability to detect low-frequency vibrations

In addition to the powers listed above, there is one more extraordinary ability that some dogs possess: the power to detect low-frequency vibrations.

This particular talent can be especially useful in detecting earthquakes or other seismic events before they occur.

This remarkable sense is believed to be linked to a small organ located at the base of their skulls called the “Jacobson’s organ.”

This organ is considered a vestigial structure from when dogs were predators, allowing them to detect the movements of their prey even in total darkness.

Expert Swimmers


When it comes to swimming, dogs have some impressive natural abilities that humans lack.

Certain breeds, such as retrievers, have been bred for generations to be exceptional swimmers and can stay afloat in water for long periods of time.

They also possess a unique ability to stay afloat by using their front legs to propel them forward while their hind legs push them back.

This means they can move faster and more efficiently than humans in swimming, making them great lifesavers when out on the water.

Incredible Health Detectors

Dogs have a special power beyond the physical realm: they can detect changes in their owners’ bodies.

Ability to detect changes in their owners’ bodies

Dogs have an incredible knack for detecting changes in their owners’ bodies that humans may be unable to pick up on.

They can sense something wrong and act accordingly, whether it’s a medical condition or mental health issue.

Studies have even shown that dogs can detect epileptic seizures before they happen, alerting their owners to seek medical attention.

Certain breeds are particularly adept at detecting cancerous cells

Certain breeds of dogs, mainly those with pointed muzzles, such as German Shepherds and Dobermans, are particularly adept at detecting cancerous cells.

This talent is believed to be related to their sense of smell, which allows them to detect changes in body chemistry that indicate the presence of tumors or other signs of cancer.

Research has shown that dogs can detect cancer by sniffing out cells in a patient’s breath, urine, and sweat.

Unparalleled Tracking Skills


Tracking is another incredible ability that dogs possess that humans don’t.

Thanks to their highly developed sense of smell and innate ability to detect subtle environmental changes, dogs are experts at picking up on the faintest trails and following them to their source.

This skill has been used for centuries in hunting, search and rescue operations, and even tracking missing persons or animals.

With their uncanny ability to pick up scents from miles away, dogs are an invaluable asset when it comes to finding what you’re looking for.

The incredible abilities of man’s best friend are simply astonishing, making us marvel at the amazing power of these special animals.

It’s no wonder that dogs have become such beloved companions – their unique talents are truly a gift to humankind.

So next time you give your pup a pat on the head, remember that you’re also giving thanks for all the incredible gifts they’ve been blessed with.

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