Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy During Traveling

Kitties would sit perfectly in your backseat for only about 30 seconds. Once that time is over, they can be quite a mess. In fact, typically, you can trust that the rest of your time on your ride would be uncomfortable. Now, when you plan to travel with your cat, things can get even more complicated. You don’t need stuff to be “complicated” while traveling. Hence, it is wise to seek ways to keep your cat happy while traveling.

It is very possible to keep them happy. You only need some tips. This article addresses that. Here you go:

Test for motion sickness before your travels

Cats get motion sickness. Even keeping a cat safe in it’s backpack would not save it from motion sickness. Once your cat is sick on a trip, you would feel uncomfortable. However, not every cat gets motion sickness. So, you may want to see if your own cat would get one by trying a shorter trip. Go for a 30-minute drive and see how your cat reacts.

If they throw up or give some signs of falling sick, you may want to visit your vet for some prescriptions before you travel. Additionally, knowing what traveling feels like for your cat before time informs you of how to feed it before you set out on your trip.

Consider using a pet carrier

A pet carrier saves you and your cat from a lot of trouble, since they can be stable in the car irrespective of whatever happens on the road. In the case of an accident, your pet stays safe. In addition to this, with a carrier, you keep your kitty happier by helping avoid the irregularities the road may have. At the bottom of your carrier, you can have a soft blanket that absorbs stains, spills, and messes. You would certainly agree that a carrier helps to keep your car clean.

Interestingly, instead of using a carrier, you can also keep your cat in bubble backpack. This makes it easier to move around with your feline. However, you should keep a stain remover in your car in case your cat still stains your car in any way. You sure want to keep things tidy.

Take frequent breaks or stops

It is not uncommon for cats to wail during a trip. This can be highly distracting. If your cat is in a carrier, there are high chances that your cat will get tired of that carrier. If it is a long trip, your cat would definitely like the idea of coming out for a bit. You can make your pet happier by allowing it to walk out of the carrier for some minutes. This is equivalent to stretching the legs for humans—just give it some freedom from its restrictions.

You would reduce its discomfort and the wailing associated with it by doing this. Who knows? Your cat may even draw some excitement from nature on your stop.

Give your cat a chance to use the litter box at each stop

While traveling, you need to see your cat like a cat. Hence, just like you would offer kids a chance to use the bathroom, you have to offer your cat the same opportunity. You can use an improvised litter box if a traditional litter box is too big for your car. What is truly important here is that you give your cat a chance to use the litter. This would keep it happy.

You would also need some extra bags for storing pet waste. Ensure to carry these along too. You don’t want the smell of your cat’s waste to linger long after your stop.


Cats can be great travel buddies. You only need to understand the rudiments of traveling with your feline friend. You have to put in some effort, and these are efforts you wouldn’t regret. 

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