Top 10 Long-Living Cat Breeds

#7 Egyptian Mau (lifespan is 15-20 years)

Mau is a very energetic cat breed having strong health. The main disease these cats can have is cardiomyopathy, so we advise to visit a vet at least once per year.

#8 Persian (lifespan is 15-20 years)

But he demands a lot of care. Persian cat needs a balanced diet, regular hygiene of the teeth and ears, as well as active physical activity.

#9 Ragdoll (lifespan is 15-16 but up to 19 years)

It is very important to arrange the balanced diet and control cat`s nutrition - an adult Ragdoll should not have milk, fat pork, smoked meats, sweets, raisins, and many other products in their daily ration.

They can have joint and heart problems.

#10 Manx (lifespan is 15-16 years)

An adult cat can have lactose intolerance so you should not give him milk. Also, you should choose one type of feeding that you will give him the whole life: a balanced diet or dry food.

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