Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds in the USA You Should Own

#7 Abyssinian

This breed came from Egypt and steals the hearts of many Americans every day. The key distinctive feature from other breeds is the "ticked" tabby coat, in which individual hairs are banded with different colors.

Abyssinians are extroverts and have unusual intelligence. They are very active so they require a lot of exercise and the attention of their owners.

The average weight is 7-14 pounds.

The lifespan is 9-15 years.

#8 Birman

Birman cats have long-haired, color-pointed and silky coat,  blue eyes, and white "socks" on paws. Weight is 6-15 pounds.

They are very independent, choose as an owner only one human and love him only.

The lifespan is 12-16 years.

#9 Canadian Sphynx

Sphynx is a hairless hypoallergenic cat breed well-known for its intelligent, friendly and sweet character and extroverted behavior.

The normal weight is 8-12 pounds.

The lifespan is 9-15 years.

#10 Bengal

Bengal is a very exotic cat breed from India. Due to their special coat color, they look like wild cats. They are large cats having a long and lean body. Weight is6-18 lbs.

Bengal cats are smart, energetic and playful.

The lifespan is 14-16 years.

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