Top 10 Most Powerful Dog Breeds

Dogs are amazing companions and great pets. Some are small, some are giant. Here we discussed the details of the top ten strongest dog breeds in the universe.

#1 Saint bernard

Our list opens with the strongest dog. In the XVII century the monks of the monastery of St. Bernard bred it to save people. Overcoming mountain passes and saving people in the ice, from year to year this breed only improved its abilities.

#2 Newfoundland

Like Saint Bernards, they are rescuers, but they only save people on the water, they are so good at swimming and diving. Newfoundlands have virtually no hunting instinct and aggression. You can confidently talk about them - strong, but good-natured. In addition, it is one of the smartest dogs, capable of independent decision making.

#3 Alabai

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is one of the oldest breeds of Central Asia, from where it spread throughout the world. It is an indigenous breed, and the name "Alabay" is secondary. Training and training must be carried out up to 3 years, it is by this age that the Alabai is fully formed, both physically and intellectually - psychologically. Appreciated as a great guard, and can easily withstand any fighting breed and wild predator.

#4 Akita Inu

In Japan, they were actively used in dog fights, but at the beginning of the 20th century, it was forbidden to use these strong dogs in fights. Akita feels great both in a city apartment and in nature. Note that the famous Hachiko, a symbol of fidelity and devotion, was of this breed.

#5 Leonberger

The dog inherited its strength and endurance from its Asian ancestors. Easy to train, excellent guard and shepherd. The abilities of the breed are widely used in the units of the Ministry of Emergencies, as the Leonberger is an excellent lifeguard on the water. Adult individuals grow to 0.7 m, and the weight at the same time is a little more than 70 kg.

#6 Boerboel

The African breed of dogs, which the IFF has not yet recognized, and due to its aggressive nature, is banned in some countries of the world. A very strong and hardy dog grows up to 80 cm at the withers, and besides, it is plastic and has a lightning reaction. A powerful dog with developed muscles can develop greater speed. It is necessary to deal with it, otherwise, a lack of physical activity can cause aggression.

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