Top 10 Search & Rescue Dogs That You Should Know

The dog is not only a man’s best friend but also a great helper, guard, and rescuer. There are special centers where service dogs are trained to find and protect people. Four-legged friends brilliantly cope with the tasks. In our article, breeds that are best established in rescue operations of varying complexity are listed.

#1 Labrador Retriever

Such dogs not only serve as rescuers but also guide dogs.

#2 Newfoundland

Newfoundlands are also considered to be the best rescue dogs on the water. They are resistant to cold and feel great even in icy water. The membranes between the paws, the device of the ears and eyes allow them to swim tens of kilometers tirelessly and dive to great depths. Without thinking, they rush into the water in the blink of an eye, even at the slightest suspicion that a person is drowning.

#3 Leonberger

The breed is distinguished by endurance, excellent eyesight, keen hearing, strength and ability to swim. In dangerous situations on the water, it instantly reacts and saves drowning people.

#4 Saint Bernard

They can find the victim under a thick layer of snow or the one who is lost high in the mountains. The task of St. Bernard is the search for the missing person, his digging out, pulling out and warming.

#5 German Shepherd

Since ancient times, a German Shepherd has been a good friend and reliable defender of man. Assisting victims in the blood of these dogs from birth. The German Shepherd is widely used as a lifeguard dog in the mountains, especially in places covered with snow, where the abilities of a devoted animal are simply necessary.

#6 Belgian Shepherd Malinois

The Belgian Shepherd Dog Malinois is considered selfless defenders and helpers of the person in difficult situations. Adroit pet, has a delicate scent and instinct, finds and digs up victims after avalanches.

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